Research Center for Teacher Education (RCTE)

(National Research Data Base of Humanities and Social Science)

The Research Center for Teacher Education, one of the MOE Key Research Institutes of Humanities and Social Sciences, was founded in December, 2002. To meet the demands of Chinese teacher training as well as the reform and development of teacher education in China, the Center has provided theoretical, methodological and technical supports by establishing a flexible, open, and efficient research and training mechanism, integrating research outcomes from different fields, and encouraging extensive international and domestic academic exchanges regarding teachers and teacher education. Moreover, it carries out series of interdisciplinary research related to teacher and teacher education, in order to provide intellectual support and advisory services for major educational policy making. The projects conducted include national research projects funded by the Ministry of Education, such as “Research on Chinese Teacher in Private School”, “Theoretical Innovation and Practical Explore in Teacher Education System”, “Reforms of Higher Education in Chinese Normal System”, “Study on Quality Assessment Criteria of Education Research”. The works published include New Realm of Teacher Education in ChinaTeacher EthicsResearch on Chinese Teacher in Private School and submitted annual reports to the World Bank including Teacher Training in Basic Education Development at Poverty Stricken Area, Report on Teacher Professionalization and Teacher Education Assessment Agencies, to name a few.