Chinese-taught Master's Program

1. Principles of Education
01 Foundation of Education and Educational Philosophy(including Educational Culture)
02 Politics of Education and Education Law
03 Sociology of Education and Education Anthropology (including Gender Education and Multicultural Education)
04 Principles of Moral Education (including Civic Education and Moral Education)
05 Family Education
06 Media Education

2. Curriculum and Pedagogy
01 Pedagogy
02 Curriculum Theory
03 Primary Pedagogy
04 Curriculum and Pedagogy of Mathematics 
05 Brain Cognition and Pedagogy (including Brain and Learning Science, Brain and Language Acquisition, Brain and Mathematics Learning, Brain and Science Education, etc.)
06 Science and Environmental Education
07 School Counseling 

3. History of Education
01 Chinese History of Education
02 International History of Education

4. Comparative Education
01 Comparison of Educational Leadership and Management
02 Comparison of Primary Education
03 Comparison of Higher Education
04 International Education and International Exchange
05 Educational Theory and Thoughts

5. Early Childhood Education
01 Psychology and Education of Early Childhood
02 Theories and Practice of Early Childhood Education
03 Curriculum and Games of Early Childhood (including music, PE, health etc.)
04 Policies of Early Childhood Education

6. Higher Education
01 Principles of Higher Education
02 Higher Education Management and Leadership
03 Human Resource Management in Higher Education
04Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education
05 Comparative Higher Education
06 Sociology in Higher Education

7. Adult Education
01 No directions

8. Vocational and Technological Education
01 Principle of Vocational Education
02 Pedagogy of Vocational Education

9. Special Education
01 Education for Children with Developmental Disabilities (including mentally-disabled children, children with learning disabilities and Autism Children)
02 Education for Children with Sensory Disorder (hearing or vision disability)
03 Early Intervention
04 Parenting Gifted Child
05 Health Education for Children with Special Needs

10. Teacher Education
01 Policy Study of Teacher Education
02 Theories and History of Teacher Education Study
03 Curriculum and Pedagogy of Teacher Education Study
04 Teacher Professional Development and Human Resource Management
05 Teacher Training Development and Evaluation

11. Distance Education
01 Basic Theory of Distance Education
02 Learning Environment and Resources 

12. Educational Economy and Management 
01 Educational Management (including Basic Theory of Educational Management, Education Law and Policies,Strategy of Education Development, Evaluation and Supervision of Education, School Development and Evaluation, School Leadership and Management, Human Resources Management, Practice and Management of Training, Curriculum Development and Training)
02 Educational Economics (including Educational Finance, School Management Economics, Analyses of Educational Policies)
03 Educational Surveys and Evaluation (including Theory of Educational Surveys and Evaluation, Education Statistics Application, Curriculum Evaluation)

13. Educational Technology
01 Basic Theories and Practice of Educational Technology
02 Instructional Design and Performance Technology
03 Education Informationization
04 Knowledge Engineering

14. Computer Software and Theories
01 Intelligence Science and Knowledge System
02 Knowledge Engineering and Intelligent Tutoring System

15. Educational Policy and Educational Law
01 Education Law 
02 Analysis of Education Policy
03 Education Law 
04 Rural Education