Institute for Education Economics


The Institute for Education Economics is an important research center for economics of education and personnel training in China and houses the Capital Institute for Education Economics. The renowned scholars like Professors Wang Shanmai, Jin Xibin, Qu Hengchang, together with the newer members of the faculty Professors Yuan Liansheng, Lai Desheng, Du Yuhong, and young scholars form a strong team of researchers at the Institute. Aimed at developing innovative knowledge and serving the whole society, the Institute has achieved excellence in all aspects of training and research. For example, Professor Wang Shanmai’s work Education Input-Output Study won a National Book Award and Professor Du Yuhong’s work Education Development Disequilibrium Study won the first prize in National Outstanding Achievements in Education Science. At present, the Institute undertakes various important projects for the National Social Science Fund, the Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education, the National Education Science Planning, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, UNICEF, and the UK Department for International Development. These projects generate research funding of more than 12 million RMB. Principal research focuses of the Institute are Education Finance, Education and the Labor Market, Economic Analysis of School Administration, Economic Analysis of Education Policy, Financial Management of Education etc.