Institute for Teacher Education


The Institute for Teacher Education was established in 2004. It consists of four research departments: Teacher and Teacher Education History and Theory, Teacher and Teacher Education Administration and Policy, Teacher Education Curriculum and Pedagogy, and Teacher Leadership and Professional Development. The Institute focuses on the research of teacher education policies and teachers’ professional development. It has become the center for research, teaching and international cooperation in the field of teacher education through setting up flexible, open, efficient research processes, uniting researchers from different disciplines and institutions, exchanging ideas widely at home and abroad, and doing interdisciplinary research. The Institute provides high-quality trainings for primary and secondary school teachers and supports their development. It is also responsible for the FOE’s master’s and doctoral programs in rural education, as well as for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences’ Research Center for Teacher Education, which currently is the only national research center devoted to teacher education.

The current director of the Institute for Teacher Education is Professor Zhu Xudong. There are 19 full-time researchers in the Institute and they hold doctoral degrees from the Beijing Normal University, the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Florida State University, and Ghent University. They have been engaged in advanced studies at the University of London, the Columbia University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison etc. Famous teacher education researchers include Professor Zhu Xiaoman, Professor Pang Lijuan, Professor Yuan Guilin, and Professor Zhu Xudong. Currently, there are 36 undergraduate students at the Institute, and since 2010, the Institute has begun to enroll doctoral students in teacher education. Since its establishment, the Institute has undertaken over 10 national research projects and over 70 projects for the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Municipal Government, and has offered over 20 research counseling reports to national education administrative departments. Members of the Institute have got works like Teacher Professional Development Series, Disciplinary Teacher Professional Development Series, the Thesis Collection of Jingshi Teacher Education, and Translated Collection of Contemporary Foreign Teacher Education published.