Institute of Education History and Culture


The Institute for Education History and Culture is an academic research institution that is focused on the history of education. Currently there are three main research directions in the Institute: Education History of China, Foreign Education History, and Educational Relations History between China and Foreign Countries. The main research fields cover University History, Education and Academic History, Educational Relations History between China and Foreign Countries, American Education History, Education Historiography etc. General History of Chinese Education, General History of Chinese Educational Ideology, General History of Chinese Educational System, General History of Foreign Educational Ideology, and European University History are representative works. Some on-going large-scale projects include Inheriting and Innovating Research in the Chinese Educational Tradition of Excellence, General History of Chinese Social Education, and Research on American Education History. One of the goals of the Institute is to establish an international academic base for education history, a research center for modern Chinese oral education history, and a research center for American Education History.