Institute of International and Comparative Education


The International and Comparative Education Research Institute for BNU was established in 1962. It is the oldest and most influential comparative education research institution and the only nationally recognized department for comparative education in China. In 1999, the Center for Comparative Education in BNU was founded and supported by MOE’s Key University Research Institutes in the Humanities and Social Sciences Project. The main research fields include comparative education policy and administration, comparative higher education, comparative culture and educational development, theory and methodology of comparative education. The Academic leaders are Professor Gu Mingyuan and Professor Wang Yingjie. The landmark works include Educational Dictionary, Series of Education in the World, Dictionary of Education Events in the Worldedited by Professor Gu Mingyuan, The Development and Reform of American Higher Education and The Form and Development of World-class Universities by Professor Wang Yingjie. Moreover, The Soviet Union’s Education in Post-WWII Era and The Cultural Foundation of Chinese Education by Professor Gu Mingyuan, andCompulsory Education of Asian Developing Countries by Professor Wang Yingjie won first prizes of the Excellent Achievements Prize for Humanities and Social Sciences in Chinese Colleges and Universities successively. The goal of the Institute is to continue to play a leading role in China and build international reputation in education, research, international exchange and cooperation, consultation and services in the field of international and comparative education.

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