2018 Full-time Teaching and Research Positions for Scholars Overseas


 Job Description


1. To undertake one course or two per term (Names of courses are listed in the chart);

2. To organize one seminar or two per term;

3. To publish a certain number of SSCI papers as the first author or corresponding author per year. Lecturers are supposed to publish 1-2 SSCI papers per year, Associate Professors 2-3 SSCI papers per year, and Professors 3-4 papers per year.

4. To assist in supervising graduate students;

5. To oversee and coordinate support for young teachers in academic research and paper publishing;

6. To expand international channels for talent cultivation and scientific studies.


Names of Courses to Choose from :


Specialized Fields

Courses To be Assigned

Educational Technology

1. Education Data Mining and Learning Analysis

2. Learning Environment Design

3. Artificial Intelligence in Education

4. Learning Science

Comparative Education

1.Quantitative Education Research Methods

2.Theory and Methodology of Comparative Education

3.Education and International Development

4.International Organization and Education

Education Administration

1.Education Policy Studies
2.Educational Planning
3.Educational Leadership and Management
4.Social Foundations of Education

Teacher Education

1. Teacher learning and school improve

2. Academic Writing Skills and Norms in English

3. Doctoral Research Seminar

Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration

1. Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

2. Capstone in Higher Education

3. Practicum in Student Affairs Administration

4. Statistical Methods in Education and Psychological Research

Education Economics

1. Advanced Econometrics;

2. Advanced Microeconomics;

3. Evaluation Methods of Educational Policy;

4. Research on the Frontier of Economics of Education

Early Childhood Education

1. Research Methods in Early Childhood Education

2. Advances in Researches on Early Childhood Education

3. Comparative Early Childhood Education

Special Education

Curriculum and Teaching of Children with Severe Development Disabilities



Key Requirements

1.With the professional qualification of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, excellent postdoctoral researchers and young scholars with PhD degree are welcome as well;

2. With the experience of teaching and research in related fields;

3. Physically and emotionally healthy;

4. Qualified publications.


Remuneration Package

1. Relative experience in oversea universities will be employed in equivalent position.

2. Contract salary. Full-time (Pretax): 460,000CNYper year for lecturers, 580,000CNY per year for associate professors, 1,200,000CNY per year for professors.

3. Round-trip economy class international air tickets will be offered once a year.

4. The term of employment could be 3-5 years.

5. Working condition: specific research institution and team could be established for the applicants based on their qualifications.


Application Materials

1. Identification page copy of passport

2. Copy of PhD degree certificate

3. Curriculum vitae

4. 2 recommendation letters

5. 3 selected publications



AddressFaculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, No. 19 Xinjiekouwai St., Beijing, China

Zip Code100875