Chinese-taught Undergraduate Programs

Currently at FOE there are five undergraduate programs: Education, Public Affairs Administration, Early Childhood Education, Special Education and Educational Technology.


This program aims to train students into education professionals, education administrative staff, university faculty members in educational studies, education research staff, and primary and middle schools administrative staff. The program is also suitable for those who wish to specialize in educational publishing and media development and to develop a good foundation in educational assessment, research skills, and practical skills of teaching. The program includes the Chinese and international history of education and the latest developments in education reform at home and abroad.

Public Affairs Administration:

This program nurtures advanced professionals with solid knowledge of management, educational science and relevant teaching and management skills. The program is for those who intend to work at schools of all levels, education management departments, and human resource departments in related institutions. It is also suitable for those engaged in teaching, scientific research, administration, and training.

Early Childhood Education:

This program nurtures education professionals with fundamental knowledge of child development, social science, and educational psychology and offers professional knowledge and training in early childhood education for those who are interested in research in educational psychology, teaching, and administration. Graduates from this program are able to work in a wide variety of early childhood educational institutions and in a variety of teacher training programs to do education administration, teaching, and research, broadcasting, educational television, publishing and training.

Special education:

This program nurtures special education professionals with in-depth knowledge of child development and social science, and equips them with a solid foundation in the knowledge and craft of education, psychology, and special education. Graduates of this program can be engaged in education research, training, and rehabilitation for children with special needs in a diversity of special education settings.

Educational Technology:

This program includes two majors: educational technology and educational information engineering. Students majoring in educational technology master the latest information and communication technology, and study a broad range of theories and methods used in social sciences. The major in educational information engineering cultivates teachers and administrators of school information technology courses as well as educational information solution professionals, systems integration professionals, and educational information technology support professionals.