Recruitment--- Postdoctoral Researcher

The Advanced Technology Innovation Center for Future Education of Beijing Normal University is an international and innovative platform with a high level supported by the Beijing government and serves the construction of national science and technology innovation center as well as the restructuring of advanced technology industry in Beijing. The core mission of the center is to research and develop a smart education platform for public service based on big data in an effort to satisfy the needs of teachers and students in the field of basic education in Beijing, provide innovative educational application service to teachers and students, and explore new forms of education business and governance patterns in the era of mobile internet. 

According to the mission, it is planned to recruit postdoctoral researchers from five fields, including Basic Learning Theory of Internet age, Subject Education, Intelligent Technology in education field, Online Education Resources and Service, Education Application and Management Technology.


Position Title: Postdoctoral Researcher


Research Area

Basic Learning Theory in the Internet Era

1.        Conducting research on cognitive development stage and cognitive rules, emotion changes and regulation of students in the 21st century based on brain science, neuroscience and clinical medicine

2.        Research on students’ learning rules under the condition of new media and new technology.

3.        Research on students’ reading, writing, calculation and expressing abilities changes

4.        Research on information literacy, media literacy and the survey and coping strategies of physical and mental health


Subject-based Educational Research

1.        Research on the literacy and ability of subjects, such as Chinese, Math and English

2.        Research on cognitive model building, cognitive level and academic potential diagnosis of subjects, such as Chinese, Math and English

3.        Research on creative evaluation questions design and development and online evaluation technology of subjects, such as Chinese, Math and English

4.        Research on data collection and visualization during the learning process of subjects, such as Chinese, Math and English

5.        Research on theories and practice of technology-supported comprehensive practice, STEM education and creative education


Intelligent Technology Research in the Education Field

1.        Research on the construction of subject knowledge ontology base

2.        Research on social knowledge space semantic model

3.        Research on the semantics automatic marking of learning resources

4.        Research on analysis model and analysis technology of big data on education

5.        Research on the semantization and problem-solving of closed domain knowledge

6.        Research on adaptive inference engine of learning resources and services

7.        Research on semantic understanding, knowledge inference and independent learning of open domain.

8.        Research on data integration, business coordination and intelligent service of education public service platform


Online Educational Resources and Service Fields

1.        Research on resources and application convergence mechanism of open platform

1)        Research on property modeling of service resources

2)        Research on application service convergence during learning process

2.        Research on learning tools, creative learning resource packets development and hatching during learning process


The Integration of Technology and Education and Education Management Technology under the Concept of Consumption Driven

1.        Research on the integration of smart platform into class, teaching effectiveness improvement and outcomes

2.        Research on the service model of online teaching

3.        Research on the system and structure of future schools

4.        Research on the transformation and revolution of education public service in the internet era.


Job Requirements

1. With above academic backgrounds and relevant Doctor degree;

2. Have conducted or participated in research;

3. Good teamwork spirit, strong learning ability and independent research capability;

4. Applicants should be under the age of 35.



1. Please send your CV along with 2-3 publications, degree, certificates to the email address below. All academic experiences and working experiences, publications, awards, research programs and research plan should be included in the CV;

2. Two references from your academic field;

3. The candidates should have a face-to-face interview in the center, and video interview is available to those who have special situations.


Salary and Welfare

1. An annual pay ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 RMB Yuan

2. Social insurance and housing fund will be included also according to the national policy;

3. Qualified post-doctors can apply research topics within the research field of the center and research fund will be offered by the center. 

4. Those who performed excellently will be offered a long-term contracted position as a researcher when the 2-year contract term is expired.



Address: Room 9707, Jingshi Hotel of Beijing Normal University, No.19 XinJieKouWai Avenue, Beijing, P. R. China.

Postcode: 100875

Contact person: Ms. Xiaoqin Li

Mobile: 13488749630