Recruitment---Researcher/Research Assistant

The Advanced Technology Innovation Center for Future Education of Beijing Normal University is an international and innovative platform with a high level supported by the Beijing government and serves the construction of national science and technology innovation center as well as the restructuring of advanced technology industry in Beijing. The core mission of the center is to research and develop a smart education platform for public service based on big data in an effort to satisfy the needs of teachers and students in the field of basic education in Beijing, provide innovative educational application service to teachers and students, and explore new forms of education business and governance patterns in the era of mobile internet. 

To promote the transition of Beijing educational public service from digitization to intelligence and support the establishment of a new model of Beijing (World City) educational public service, we are now opening a position to both China and the world.


Position Title: Researcher/Research Assistant


Number of Recruitment: 10


Job Description

Able to independently conduct or organize sub-subject study by focusing on future education and the targets of the center;

Applying research outcomes to the teaching and learning practice of Beijing middle and primary schools while making theoretical research achievements.


Job Requirements

1. With academic backgrounds of Education Technology, Computer Science, Information Management, Software Engineering, Learning Science, Intelligence Science, Cognitive Neuroscience, Education Psychology and School Psychology and Education Measurement and Evaluation. 

2. Doctor degree from prestigious universities at home or abroad is preferred;

3. Good teamwork spirit, strong learning ability and independent research capability;

4. Published at least 1 SCI/SSCI paper (including online publishment) and 3 CSSCI papers as the first author;

5. Has a deep understanding of mobile learning and online education;

6. Candidates with APP development, adaptive learning, cognitive model, ITS, ontology, intelligent recommendation, teachers’ profession development in informationization and key technology of intelligent learning platform research experience or educational big data analysis experience are preferred.

7. Applicants should be under the age of 40.



1. Please send your CV along with 2-3 publications, degree, certificates to the email address below. All academic experiences and working experiences, publications, awards and research programs should be included in the CV;

2. Two references from your academic field;

3. The candidates should have a face-to-face interview in the center, and video interview is available to those who have special situations.



All candidates who are officially employed will work at the Advanced Technology Innovation Center for Future Education of Beijing Normal University;

A 3-5year labor contract will be offered and those who have excellent research outcomes can apply for the staffing of government affiliated institution after the academic evaluation organized by Beijing Normal University when the contract term is expired;

Those newly graduates with Doctor degree and post-graduates from abroad universities with outstanding academic achievements can directly apply for academic evaluation. Once approved, a staffing personnel qualification will be offered by Beijing Normal University. 

An attractive annual pay plus performance bonus will be offered. In terms of the candidates with excellent research experience will be provided research fund over ¥500,000 and supported by a research team;

Social insurance and housing fund will be included also according to the national policy.



July 31, 2016



Address: Room 9707, Jingshi Hotel of Beijing Normal University, No.19 XinJieKouWai Avenue, Beijing, P. R. China.

Postcode: 100875

Contact person: Ms. Xiaoqin Li