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Welcome Message from the Dean


Greetings and welcome to the Faculty of Education (FOE) at the Beijing Normal University (BNU)! As a leading institution in the educational field, we play an influential role not only in our field in China, but also in educational scholars mentoring and research in the world.


We offer some of the nation’s premiere undergraduate, graduate and in-service training programs in educational discipline. Central to our educational philosophy are to empower our students to excel in their chosen careers and to prepare them to become professional and competent in the global market. We aim to equip students with the knowledge, skills, competence and values needed in today’s classrooms and beyond, to cultivate students’ devotion to teaching as a life-long career, and to nurture future educational leaders and researchers. Through our Ph.D., Ed.D., M.A., M.Ed. and B.A. programs, FOE students become well-trained in educational theory and practices, which prepare them for careers in both academia and applied research.


We have a strong and reputable team of faculty members. They are not only engaged at the frontiers of teaching and research both at home and abroad, but also are creating opportunities for our students to be mentored in all phases of the learning and research process. Besides, FOE is actively engaged in teacher training. It offers various first-rate training programs for principals, teachers, as well as administrators. It has made extraordinary contributions to improving the state of education in China and has won great reputation nation-wide. FOE is constantly looking for opportunities where she could use her expertise to address existing problems in education and contribute to the sustainable development of education in China.


As the dean of FOE, I am honored to serve this wonderful scholar community composed of distinguished faculty and talented students. Driven by the commitment to educational excellence, constant pursuit of knowledge and visionary thinking, FOE will continue to be a preeminent place for learning, research and training in education. I invite you to join us in that pursuit and make the most of your time here as you advance your career goals!



ZHU Xudong


Faculty of Education

Beijing Normal University