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2023 INEI Seed Funding Announcement Published:2023-05-05 16:31:41  Views:10

The 2023 INEI Seed Funding Competition is now open for proposal. The Seed Funding project is a hallmark activity of INEI since 2015 and we are excited for its comeback after three years of the pandemic. Attached please find the 2023 INEI Seed Funding Application Handbook, which detailed all the important information regarding the application, review and project management procedures. One thing to note is that we have raised the total amount of sponsorship from USD$5,000 for one year to USD$20,000 for two years (USD$10,000 per year) per Deans' agreement. Two teams will be chosen to receive the sponsorship.

The deadline of submitting application proposals is Friday, July 14, 2023. The internal review on the proposals will be hold right after the deadline, so no late application will be accepted.

Any application or inquiry shall be sent to Ms. Chen Wang at with subject: 2023 INEI Seed Funding Application (or Inquiries) + your name. 

2023 INEI Seed Funding Application Handbook.pdf


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