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Upcoming Events | China-CEEC Smart Education Forum 2022 Published:2022-12-14 22:38:55  Views:10

Event: China-CEEC Smart Education Forum 2022

Topic: Digital Learning and Transformation in Transforming Education

Time: December 16, 2022, 17:00-19:30 (Beijing Time/UTC+8)

Language: English

Meeting Platform: Zoom

Meeting ID: 885 5038 8662

Password: 887542


On September 19, 2022, the Transforming Education Summit, which was organized by the United Nations, concluded in New York. During the three-day summit, topics on digital learning and transformation spanning five action tracks and six calls to action were key aspects and hot issues for discussion. The Summit emphasized that we must take advantage of the digital revolution as a powerful opportunity to ensure that quality education can be delivered as a public good and a human right. The Summit also recommended us to utilize the benefits of digital technology to meet national and international demand for high-quality education and lifelong learning.

Since 2012, China and CEEC have established a well-developed cooperation mechanism, and these countries have gained a deepening awareness of the importance of long-term cooperation. Ever since 2018, Joint Virtual Laboratory for Future Education of SLIBNU has carried out a series of academic collaborations between China and CEEC to explore approaches to digital transformation, and has achieved fruitful results.

As a series of cooperative activities of China-CEEC universities, two academic conferences related to smart education in China-CEECs were successfully held in December 2021 and August 2022, which were organized by SLIBNU and the Faculty of Education, BNU and instructed by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE). A total of dozens of experts and scholars from China and CEEC shared their insights on smart education and the latest status and practice of smart education development, which provided directions for the countries to further enhance digital literacy and promote smart learning practices.

Based on the above context, in order to respond to the initiative of the United Nations Transforming Education Summit, and to continue the in-depth cooperation between China and CEEC in smart education, the Smart Learning Institute of BNU, together with the Faculty of Education, BNU, will hold the 2022 China-CEEC Smart Education Forum on December 16, 2022. The forum will discuss the theme of digital learning and innovation in education transformation, and release the book Smart  Education in China and Central & Eastern European Countries and the keynote speech collection from Webinars of the regions in the past 2 years. The forum will also invite a number of experts from China and CEEC to give keynote speeches and participate in panel discussion.


Highlight of the Forum

The experts from China-CEEC will discuss the topic of the following:

Assessing and monitoring the status of smart education at country level Focusing Sub-topics

1. Core principles for monitoring national smart education

2. Concerns on monitoring smart education

3. Criteria for indicator selection

4. Data collection at country level Format: Zoom online meeting Audience


The audiences will be Teachers and students in China-CEEC higher education institutes; Educators; education enterprises and institutions.


Time: December 16, 2022, 17:00-19:30 (Beijing Time/UTC+8)

Host: Beijing Normal University

Supporting Unit: China Education Association for International Exchange

Organizer: Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University

Faculty of Teachers Education, University of Belgrade


December 16, 2022, 17:00-19:30 (Beijing Time/UTC+8)


                                Guests & Theme




Opening Speech

(15 min)

Mr. WANG Yongli, Deputy President & Secretary-General, China Education Association for International Exchange

Prof. Vladan Đokić, Rector of the University of Belgrade

Prof. ZHU Xudong, Dean of Faculty of Education, 
Beijing Normal University

Prof. Ronghuai HUANG, Co-dean of Smart Learning Institute, Beijing Normal University

Prof. CHEN Guangju ,
Vice Director of University Affairs Committee, Beijing Normal University


Release (10 min)

Prof. Rongxia ZHUANG (China), Smart Learning Institute Beijing Normal University





Michael CHEN, Director of Joint Lab for Future Education, Smart Learning Institute, Beijing Normal University






Keynote Speech (90 min)

Assessing and Monitoring Smart Education in Greece

Prof. Charalampos Karagiannidis (Greece)
Department of  Special Education, University of Thessaly

Monitoring the Status of Smart Education in Hungary

Prof. Gyoneyver Molnar (Hungary), University of Szeged

Assessment of Smart Education Development in Serbia

Prof. Danimir Mandic (Serbia)
Dean of Faculty of Teachers Education, University of Belgrade

Rethinking Learning spaces for Smart Education

Prof. Sandra Kucina Softic (Croatia)
Assistant Director at the University Computing Centre, University of Zagreb

Rethinking and Rededsigning National Smart Education Strategy 2022

Prof. YANG Junfeng (China), Hangzhou Normal University





Panel Discussion (30 min)


Prof. Petar Jandric (Croatia),
Zagreb University of Applied Science

Dr. Engjellushe Zenelaj (Albania)
Head of the Research Center, University College REALD Vlore

Dr. Borut Campelj (Slovenia),
Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Prof. WANG Yunwu (China),
Jiangsu Normal University, Smart Learning Institute

Prof. Ana Sekulovska (North Macedonia),
University of Tourism and Management Skopje

Prof. Demetrios Sampson (Greece), University of Piraeus


Dr. Michael Adarkwahi, Smart

Learning Institute, Beijing Normal University

Closure Speech

(5 min)

Dr. Tingwen Chang, Assistant to Dean, Smart Learning Institute, Beijing Normal University


ID: 885 5038 8662

Password: 887542

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