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UNESCO-INEI session at the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference Published:2022-05-16 22:56:26  Views:10

We are excited to announce the UNESCO-INEI session at the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference on 19th May. The 90-minute session hosted by the GEM Report and INEI will examine the role of university networks in strengthening collaboration, design and equity in education. There will be one presentation and two roundtable discussions during this 90 minutes.

The main questions that guide the sharing are:

--How can different vulnerable/marginalized populations be supported in accessing and completing quality higher education?

--What is the role of non-state actors in promoting equity and inclusion in higher education?

--What needs to be in place to make sure they build towards a stronger system for all?

The session will be held in hybrid format, so participants are urged to register through as soon as possible.

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