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Event Preview—Futures of Education and Education for Rural Revitalisation The 4th Event Published:2021-12-08 08:24:29  Views:10

Education Open Talks

Futures of Education and Education for Rural Revitalisation

The 4th Event

The Provision and Retention of Qualified Rural Teachers:

Governmental Responsibility or Social Contract?


In response to the UNESCO Futures of Education advocacy and to promote sustainable rural development from rural teachers’ perspective, UNESCO INRULED has invited experts and scholars from three different countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe to exchange insights on the role of qualified teachers for rural education and development future and discuss a socially contracted vision on teacher provision and retention. By organising conversations among global thought leaders, and in the spirit of a reimagined social contract for the future, UNESCO INRULED commits to including everyone in the public discourse on key education matters and builds a platform that breaks down barriers and ensures the lasting and openness of knowledge resources worldwide. 

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