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Invitation to the International Symposium on the Role of Education in Poverty Alleviation Published:2021-03-30 16:42:22  Views:10

The International symposium on the Role of Education in Poverty Alleviation will be held jointly by the UNESCO International Research & Training Centre for Rural Education (UNESCO INRULED), the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, Beijing Normal University and UNESCO Beijing Office. Education officials, researchers and practitioners will participate at the meeting.

It will be organized in both virtual and face-to-face format.

1. Background

In 2015, the global community adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – a roadmap towards a more prosperous, peaceful and healthier future. The Agenda consists of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030.

The SDG4-Education 2030 Agenda builds on the past Education for All movement (2000-2015), to ensure inclusive and equitable access to quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. SDG4 on quality education is recognized as a key strategy to achieve the other 16 SDGs, especially as an important factor in poverty alleviation. However, since the 2030 Agenda was adopted, progress to achieve the 17 SDGs has been uneven and insufficient, according to the UN SDGs Summit held in 2019.

Going forward, it is important to note the linkages and connection between the role of education and skills training towards poverty alleviation. The poverty alleviation impact shall be discussed during the meeting guided by the key pillars of SD such as prosperity, planet, people and partnerships. The aim of this Symposium is to reassess progress, impact and review the close link between the two key goals of the SDGs: SDG1 & SDG 4. The Symposium is organized to observe the Chinese Government’s eradication of absolute poverty by 2020, by bringing over 800 million people out of extreme poverty.

Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2021-2025), the Symposium will serve as a platform to review and share innovative models for sustainability and initiatives to link education and poverty schemes of Member States, including sharing good practices in how education contributed to poverty alleviation in China. The Symposium will also discuss poverty-related challenges and identify strategies to contribute towards achieving the 17 SDGs by 2030.

Government officials, senior experts and scholars from educational research institutes, Universities and related fields, representatives of international/regional organizations, officials and policymakers from governments of UNESCO Member States, will participate in the Symposium.

2. Theme: education, our most fundamental pathway out of poverty

3. Date and venue:

Date: 16:30-20:30 (GMT+8), Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Venue: online via Zoom

4. Organized by

UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education

Supported by

Chinese National Commission for UNESCO

Beijing Normal University

UNESCO Beijing Office

5. Mode of participation 

Please join us at Zoom online webinar

Meeting ID: 983 9947 6811

Passcode: 219454


6. Tentative Agenda

Tentative Agenda

Date: Wednesday, 31 March 2021                Time:16:30-20:30GMT+8

Platform: Zoom  Meeting ID: 983 9947 6811       Passcode: 219454


(Beijing Time)



Opening Session


Mr. Qin Changwei, SG, Chinese National Commission for UNESCO


1.     Welcome Remarks by Prof. Dong Qi,

President, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

2.     Remarks by Mr. Firmin Edouard Matako

Assistant Director General for Priority Africa and External Relation, UNESCO

3.     Remarks by Mr. Tian Xuejun,

Vice Minister, Ministry of Education, China

4.     Keynote Speech by Mr. Liu Changya

Director General, Department of Education Planning

Ministry of Education, China 


Session1: (5 minutes for each speaker)

Global policy dialogue on linkage between education and poverty alleviation


Prof. Shahbaz Khan, Director and Representative, UNESCO Beijing Office


1.     Mr Yao Ydo

Director, UNESCO International Bureau of Education

2.     Dr. Du Yue, Director

Division for Priority Africa, UNESCO

3.     Dr. Ethel Agnes Pascua-Valenzuela

Director, Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Secretariat, Thailand

4.     Dr. Manzoor Ahmed

Professor (Emeritus), Brac University in Bangladesh, Bangladesh

5.     Dr. Vinayagum Chinapah

Professor (Emeritus), Institute of International and Comparative Education, Department of Education, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

6.     Mr Saidou Sireh Jallow

Senior Programme Specialist, UNESCO Nairobi Office 

7.     Dr. Shyamal Majumdar

Former UNESCO UNEVOC Director, India

8.     Mr. Mohamed Mostafa Abdelrahman

   Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Misr El-Kheir Foundation, Egypt

9.     Ms. Mercy Musomi

Executive Director, Girl Child Network, Kenya


Session2: (5 minutes for each speaker)

Innovations and best practices on contribution of education towards poverty alleviation for sustainable development


Prof. Zhou Zuoyu

Vice President, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China



1.     Magdalene Anene-maidoh

Abujia Office, UNESCO

2.     Prof. Christopher Nyland

Department of Management, School of Business, Director of China Research Network, Monash University, Australia

3.     Dr. Pan Kunfeng

Associate Professor, Renmin University of China, China

4.     Dr. Moma, Enang Efiom

Abujia Office, UNESCO

5.     Dr. Miriam Altman

Professor of Practice 4IR, University of Johannesburg, South Africa & Commissioner, National Planning Commission, Office of the Presidency, South Africa

6.     Prof. Teri Balser, Provost and Vice-President (Academic), University of Calgary, Canada (5mins Pre-recorded video)(TBC)

7.     Dr. Jun Gu

Associate Professor, Macquarie Business School, Macquarie University, former coordinator of the China Research Network, Australia

8.     Ms. Evernice Munando

Director, Female Students Network Trust, Zimbabwe

9.     Dr. Baela Raza Jamil

CEO, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA), Centre for Education and Consciousness; Commissioner, International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity; Founder, Children’s Literature Festival; Managing Trustee, Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust (SNPET), Pakistan



Share key findings and discussion on Education for Poverty Alleviation in China under the Framework of 2030 Agenda


Prof. Zeng Xiaodong

Executive Director, INRULED


1.     Dr. Wang Li

Deputy Director, INRULED

Presentation of the main findings on the draft report

2.     Discussion and inputs on the report


Summarized by:

Dr. Vinayagum Chinapah

Professor (Emeritus), Institute of International and Comparative Education, Department of Education, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden


Wrap up and Closing

Mr. Qin Changwei, SG, Chinese National Commission for UNESCO


7. Contact information


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