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Children, Family, and Society Virtual Research Seminars 2021 Published:2021-03-09 10:52:21  Views:10

Session OneChanging landscapes of fatherhood in global contexts: looking back and forward beyond the Covid-19 times

Date and time: 12pm-1.30pm, Monday 22 March 2021


Institute of Children Development and Family Education, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University;

Centre for Teacher and Early Years, UCL Institute of Education;


Speakers: (Alphabetical order)

Dr Jeremy Davies, Head of communications, The Fatherhood Institute; Project lead, MITEY (Men In The Early Years) campaign; Co-investigator, GenderEYE (Gender Diversification in Early Years Education)

Prof. Xinrong Zheng, Professor of Education, Director of the Center for Chinese Ethnic Education and Multicultural Studies, Beijing Normal University

Dr Xuan Li, Assistant Professor of Psychology, New York University Shanghai; Global Network Assistant Professor, New York University

Chair: Dr Jie Gao, Research Fellow, Centre for Teacher and Early Years Education, UCL Institute of Education


Contemporary fatherhood is evolving alongside the rapid changes in different societies. The Covid-19 pandemic has, to a certain extent, put a spotlight on parental involvement in children's care and education. In this research seminar, fatherhood scholars from the UK and China will engage in the discussion of

·       How fatherhood is conditioned and shaped by historical, cultural, social and political contexts in different societies?

·       How could we challenge dominant gender discourses and tackle gender stereotypes in contemporary parenting?

·       What is/will be the current/long-term impact of Covid-19 pandemic on father involvement in children's care and education?


Seminar overview:

5 min Introduction;

20 min Presentation of each speaker (incl. 2-3min Q&A if needed);

20 min Panel discussion and Q&A;

5 min Conclusion (One key take-home message from each speaker)


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Children, Family, and Society Virtual Research Seminars 2021

aim to bring together international scholars to discuss research on important issues for children development and education in different societies. We seek to promote dialogues between Chinese and international scholars in the field. Through a series of research seminars, we hope to build up a platform for knowledge exchange and research sharing, thereby contributing to research collaboration, and enhancing research impact on children, family, and society.


March: Fatherhood

June: Neoliberalism & Preschool Education

September: The Rights of The Child & Family Support

December: Family-School-Community Partnership



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