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Huiyan International College • FOE-BNU Officially Launched Published:2018-12-03 08:22:05  Views:10

The Faculty of Education (FOE) held the launching ceremony for Huiyan International College · FOE-BNU on Nov 21st. The ceremony was attended by Beijing Normal University officials, delegations of Bright Scholar Education Group, representatives from various BNU schools and departments and FOE key members.

Huiyan International College · FOE-BNU is an overarching institution that supports and underpins FOE’s work in international cooperation and exchange. As the Faculty responds to the University’s mission to become a ‘Double World-classes University’, and buttresses the development of a ‘holistic and comprehensive research university with Chinese characteristics and with strong suit in teacher preparation’, it highlights the ever growing task in international cooperation and exchange.

Now Bright Scholar Education Group and the FOE joins hands in this task, as they share the vision to become an influencer of international education landscape. The establishment of Huiyan International College · FOE-BNU mobilizes the intelligent recourses from the ivory tower and the recourses from business and the third sectors to pursue academic excellence in research and educational leadership in a larger arena.

Huiyan International College · FOE-BNU is an administrative office that provides services and oversees the work in internationalization at the Faculty level. It includes work related in student development, enhancing reciprocal intellectual network, informing policy, and incubating collaborative research.

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