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Faculty of Education, BNU Hosts the 2018 INEI Annual Symposium Published:2018-12-03 08:08:37  Views:10

Nov 20th-22nd, the 2018 Annual Symposium for the International Network of Educational Institutes was held in Beijing Normal University. The Symposium consists of a series of meetings sharing the theme ‘Cultivating Core Competences in a Changing Technological Society’.

The Symposium nests an opening ceremony, three keynote sections, two seed funding presentations, one parallel section and closed door INEI business meetings. With Dr. Li Jiayong as the host, Dr. Chen Li, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, Dr. Zhu Xudong, Dean of Faculty of Education, BNU and Dr. Glen Jones, Dean of Ontario Institute for Studies in Education all gave speeches at the Opening Ceremony in the morning of Nov 20th.

Keynoter Dr. Micheal Peters from Beijing Normal University gave a speech on the challenges of technological unemployment and the future of digital society; Dr. Yu Shengquan from Beijng Normal University shared his research in the prospects of AI teachers and their roles and responsibilities; Diana Laurillard from Institute of Education, University College London, gave a keynote speech on the urgencies and challenges of cultivating technological competences within and throughout the educational system. In the seed funding presentations, Maggie Hawkins and Sarah Worton presented researches by each team funded by INEI, as 2018 marks the fourth consecutive year for INEI Seed Funding. During the parallel sections hosted by Dr. Liu Qiang and Dr. Lin Ke, various researchers shared their work on education technologies, and the group enjoyed unfettered conversations on each research.

The INEI participants were also invited to join the Launching ceremony for Huiyan International College · Faculty of Education-Beijing Normal University and the memorial event for late Prof. Geoff Whitty, both evets were held on BNU campus.

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