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The President of the University of Sydney Joined FOE’s Top University Presidents’ Forum Published:2018-11-03 15:03:02  Views:10

On the morning of October 23, 2018, delegates of the University of Sydney visited Beijing Normal University, during which time Prof. Michael Spence, President of University of Sydney, gave a lecture on “Sydney University Reform and First-Class University Construction” at Yingdong Building. Among the delegates are Fran Waugh, Dean of the School of Education and Social Work, and Mary Wang, Director of the Department of International Cooperation.

On the host side, Zuoyu Zhou, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, commented on the lecture. He was joined with Professor Chengwen Hong from the Faculty of Education, who presided the lecture.

Professor Chengwen Hong extended a warm welcome to the delegation of the University of Sydney and briefly introduced the University and its principal Michael Spencer. President Michael Spencer addressed the theme of “Sydney University Reform and Top-Level University Construction” from three aspects. He highlighted the paramountcy of strategic positioning and flexibility in the development of universities. Then he mentioned that the process of university construction is highly sensitive to the balance between localization and internationalization. Last but not least, he reminded the audience that higher education should respects history and cultural traditions, as well as focuses
on innovation.

After Q&A, Vice President Zuoyu Zhou once again expressed his gratitude to President Michael Spencer for his lecture, and encouraged both universities to promote future exchanges and cooperation.

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