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Faculty of Education Holds Top University Presidents’ Forum-Cardiff University Section Published:2018-10-30 21:45:19  Views:10

      Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University (BNU), holds the Cardiff University section of its Top University Presidents’ Forum on October 23, 2018 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Prof. Colin Riordan, the President and Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University shared his insight on the internationalization of higher education and the importance of intercultural awareness for UK students at Room 352, Yingdong Building, BNU. Prof. Xudong Zhu, Dean of the Faculty of Education, BNU, presided the event. 

Prof. Xudong Zhu, upon greeting the Prof. Colin Riordan and the delegation of Cardiff University in the Opening speech, gave a brief summary of BNU’s Top University Presidents’ Forum. Prof. Colin Riordan highlighted four aspects of Higher Education internationalization. He began by showing the case of Cardiff University, and then painted an overview of Internationalization of UK Higher Education in a broad brushstroke. He followed the lead and exemplified the importance of student mobility. In the end, he concluded with more current issues, including the impact of Brexit.

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