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Delegation of HKU Visits FOE Published:2018-06-21 16:26:43  Views:10

On May 9, 2018, a delegation led by Dean A. Lin Goodwin and Associate Dean Rui Yang from the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) visited FOE. Dean Xudong Zhu and Vice Dean Jiayong Li received the delegation. Alumni of HKU who are currently working at BNU were also invited to attend the meeting, including Professors Weiyuan Zhang, Lili Zhang, Meng Deng, Zhiyong Zhu, Jin Chi and Miao Pei.


Dean Xudong Zhu warmly welcomed the delegation. BNU and HKU had a long history of friendship and partnership. Both sides cooperate on cohosting the joint reception during American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting every year and achieved great impacts as a team. Dean Zhu and Vice Li expressed their hope to further expand new ground for cooperation and deepen bilateral cooperative relations with HKU.


Dean A. Lin Goodwin expressed her gratitude to the warm welcome by FOE BNU. She introduced the status quo of the Faculty of Education at HKU, and briefly reviewed its cooperative relations with FOE BNU. She agreed that BNU and HKU had a solid foundation for cooperation and expressed her intention to deepen the strong and lasting partnership as well.


The Alumni of HKU who are now professors and subject leaders of FOE looked back on their inspiring campus life back in HKU and gave constructive suggestions on further cooperation between their alma mater and present workplace. The alumni of HKU are dedicated to serve as a bridge between both institutions to strengthen communication and cooperation on scientific projects, teacher exchange and student mobility, etc.



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