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【Lecture】Lectures by Acalanes Union High School District Experts Published:2018-06-19 17:02:19  Views:10

HostDr. Ping Zhao

Time2:00pm-4:15pm, June 20, 2018

VenueRoom 352, Yingdong Building


Lecture 1

Teaching and Learning: Performance, Evaluation and Assessment


As technology makes information and content immediately available to students, the role of the teacher and the environment of the American classroom are evolving. Acalanes Union High School District, one of the top performing districts in California, is working with teachers on professional development to meet the needs of today’s learners.  No longer will lectures and traditional assessments prepare students for entrance into college or career: education in the classroom must be experiential, dynamic and collaborative. Positive relationships between teachers and students are a must.  Come hear how teachers become coaches and students engage in inquiry and project based learning to synthesize and apply content.  

Lecture 2

How School Districts Operate and their Relationships with Schools and Community


In a top performing school district, expectations are high: parents want their children leaving high school prepared for both college and career, with all the tools necessary for continued success. School districts must be able to navigate the expectations of the parents and community and provide a world class education to their students. In the Acalanes Union High School District, the high performance of students pushes the district office to seek innovative practices and partnerships to provide teachers the necessary tools for teaching and learning. Providing teachers with professional development, collaboration time and resources is essential to assist them as they traverse the changing landscape of American education.  At the same time, the district must engage in a supportive role for students who need additional support and intervention and nurture leadership in both teachers and students to sustain continued growth.



1.       Amy McNamara is the Associate Superintendent of Acalanes Union High School District Administrative Services, Lafayette, CA. Her expertise is in trends in Education, structure of districts and governance, changes coming in US Education policy.


2.       Karen Findlay is the Director of Curriculum Innovation and Educational Technology AUHSD, Lafayette and the Associate Principal of Campolindo High School, Moraga, CA. She has a depth of knowledge regarding English instruction, libraries and technology as a teaching tool and collaboration tool.


3.       Sarah Morgan is an Adjunct Faculty of Fresno Pacific University and a Teacher Librarian of Campolindo High School. She has a depth of knowledge around how to use libraries on campuses for collaboration in addition to engaging students in literature.


4.       Roxanna Martinez Jackman is a science teacher and instructional coach. She is also the Former Chair of Science Department, Campolindo High School. She helps teachers develop strategies and lessons with science standards and helps teachers build engaging lessons.

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