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Faculty of Education at BNU and Bright Scholar Education Group Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement at the Imperial Academy Published:2018-06-01 15:17:13  Views:10

On May 25th, 2018, Faculty of Education and Bright Scholar Education Group held the Strategic Cooperation Agreement Ceremony at the Imperial Academy in Beijing Normal University. Bright Scholar Education Group donated 80 million yuan to BNU in order to establish the Beijing Normal University Huiyan Education Fund. The funding will be used to provide support for the Faculty of Education at Beijing Normal University to introduce international high-quality education resources, optimize international educational teachers’ group and strengthen the construction of world-class education disciplines.

The donator of Huiyan Education Fund, vice chairman of Bright Education   Group, chairman of Bright Scholar Education Holdings Co., Ltd., Ms. Yang Huiyan, the director of Country Garden Group Chen Chong, the vice president of Bright Scholar Education Holdings Co., Ltd. Chen Shu and the director of the Ministry of Cooperation He Yingmin attended the ceremony. Secretary of Party Committee of Beijing Normal University Cheng Jianping, Vice-principal Zhang Kai, Director of Party Committee Office Zhang Zhubo, Secretary-General of the Education Foundation Zhang Wulong and heads of Related Departments in BNU, Dean of Faculty of Education Zhu Xudong, Secretary of Party Committee of FOE Li Jiayong, Vice Dean Zhang Jingbin, Assistant to the Dean of FOE Wang Chen, together with middle-level cadres and teacher representatives from the Faculty of Education attended and witnessed the donation. The ceremony was hosted by Zhang Kai, Vice-princioal of Beijing Normal University.


During the meeting, Chen Jianping, on behalf of Beijing Normal University, expressed his sincere thanks to Yang Huiyan for her long-term concern and generous donations to education. He pointed out that Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward strategic goal in his report at 19th CPC National Congress: making China a top performer in education. We must give priority to developing education. Beijing Normal University aimed to be an world-class university featruring comprehension, research-orientation, and leading teacher education. Beijing Normal University, with an educational mission, had to shoulder the responsibility of China’s education and to solve China’s education problems. Currently in the field of education, diversity in education, international education, education promotion of Chinese culture among countries along the road under the policy of One Belt One Road and other issues have become increasingly prominent. Therefore, the establishment of this fund played an important and timely role in supporting the internationalization of China’s education. At the same time, he emphasized the need to have a win-win cooperation with an open vision; learn from others; make progress together and actively practice with the support of the fund, and produce a number of high-quality project results.


In her speech, Vice Chairman Yang Huiyan put that Bright Scholar was a private education group that focused on K12. What’s more, it was the first group of organizations in China that practiced international education. Through the cooperation with Beijing Normal University, They hoped that a group of teachers with diverse qualities be trained for the private education sector in China. Besides, they also hoped to provide a leading development direction and industry criteria for the internationalization of private education in China, and explore and develop a set of International education curriculums and operating system with Chinese characteristics.


Under the witness of the guests, Chen Shu, the vice President of Bright Scholar Education Holdings Co., Ltd. and Zhu Xudong, Dean of Faculty of Education at Beijing Normal University signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

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