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【CALL FOR ABSTRACTS】The 4th BNU-QUT-UC Doctoral Forum Published:2018-04-11 14:25:26  Views:10


The 4th BNU-QUT-UC Doctoral Forum invites abstracts for paper and poster presentations related to the theme, Teacher Education: Theories and Practices from an International Perspective. It will be held on the campus of Beijing Normal University from 5th-11th November, 2018. This doctoral forum is open to all doctoral students in Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University. FOE will select 4 doctoral students from all candidates to attend this forum.


The BNU-QUT-UC Doctoral Forum grew out of the long-term annual exchange program cooperated by Beijing Normal University (BNU) and The Queensland University of Technology (QUT), which aimed at providing doctoral students from both universities with a broader academic exchange platform and encouraging them to re-examine and enrich their own research from a cross-cultural perspective. The BNU-QUT Forum was held for ten consecutive sessions till 2014, and in 2015 the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary (UC) joined in the forum. That was the time when the 1st BNU-QUT-UC Doctoral Forum was held. Since then, the three universities take turns to hold the forum in China, Canada and Australia.


As always, the 4th BNU-QUT-UC Doctoral Forum is open to all current doctoral students from Faculty of Education BNU. Academic experts from the three universities will be invited to give academic lectures and organize practical activities for students to visit local public schools and private schools, etc. Participating students will gain rich learning experience in presenting research, getting feedback and networking opportunities.


We cordially welcome interested doctoral students to participate in the forum. Participation is free. If you are interested in participation, please read the following guidelines carefully.

1.        Theme: “Teacher Education: Theories and Practices from an International Perspective”

2.      Venue: Beijing Normal University

3.      Dates:  5th-11th November, 2018

4.      Working Language: English

5.      Tentative Schedule:

Note: All selected participants are expected to submit a reflective paper with 1000 words in English within one week of completion of the forum.

6.      If you would like to be considered participation of the forum, please submit the following documents:

a.       Title of your paper (e-version)

b.      Abstract in about 500 English words (e-version)

c.       Resume (e-version)

d.      A scanned copy of your passport’s information page (e-version, International students only)

e.       A Recommendation Letter from supervisor (hard copy with supervisor’s signature)

Note: Please email all electronic documents to with the subject line of “2018BNU-QUT-UC + your name”, and CC-ed . The hard-copy recommendation letter should be submitted to Ms. Shana Su in Room 261, Ying Dong Building, Office of International Exchange & Cooperation, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University.

7.      Materials Submission Deadline: 17:00, 20th May, 2018

8.      Results Announcement: All abstract submissions will be reviewed by professors from Faculty of Education. List of selected participants will be released before June 10th, 2018 on the Faculty’s English website.

9.      Special Note: The students who submitted the papers must have a student status of Beijing Normal University when signing up and during the forum.

10.   Forum Contact Information

Shana Su: 58807723

Yang Yang: 58804090




Forum Announcement (English Version): FOR ABSTRACTSThe 4th BNU-QUT-UC Doctoral Forum.pdf


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