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Letter of Motivation from Maria Khan (President of 2016-now) Published:2018-03-30 11:30:45  Views:10

Greetings Fellows!

My name is Maria Khan and let me first say that it is truly an honor to serve as Faculty of Education-International Students Union (FOE-ISU)President since 2016. My journey started with ISU with my freshmen year as General Secretary in 2015. I loved it and continued next year as the president. I am proud to serve the Beijing Normal University(BNU) students; current, incoming, and alumni. Thank you for this honor.This experience gave me a renewed passion for ISU and for its potential.

In that capacity, I am committed to working with the BNU Students Coordination Body the University Administration, alumni, and leaders from other student organizations to communicate the needs of the students and improve our University. Paramount in this mission is a collaborative vision held by myself and my Administration that centers on the cultivation of a singular, defined identity for this University and its students.

It is the goal of the FOE-ISU to make your School experience as well as to provide you the opportunity to lead and serve your fellow students and community.Every step we take as the FOE-ISU has a purposeful and meaningful goal to enrich your time here and to prepare for service after you leave. Here at the FOE-ISU we believe that life demands action in all aspects. So, I’d like to encourage you abandon the stands and come see how you can impact your campus. Our meetings are held twice in a month and are open to all. The FOE-ISU is comprised of an executive council and four Ministries that represents Master and Postgraduate academic level. Your voice matters and is heard, each concern brought to our attention is seriously discussed and brought to a resolution because we are constantly pursuing excellence as an organization and would love to hear from you.

Our connections to the BNU, whether that be as students, faculty, staff, administrators, or alumni, give us a common bond. It is my hope that my term of office will serve to preserve and strengthen that bond through spirit-driven initiatives and an acute focus on campus life. We organize academic, cultural, social, and scientific workshops. We organize career development and counselling seminars. We publish each month Timeline Journals where we want to voice your words and explore the stories of the students. We are here to delve better by listening you.

If there is ever anything that I, or my fellow Executive body, or Ministries & their members of the FOE-ISU Association, can do to improve your school experience or strengthen your bond with this University, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or stop by our offices anytime. Thank you again for this opportunity. Stay blessed and excel towards quality self to be the productive part of the society. Wishing light and blessings in your life Hawks!


Maria Khan

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