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By Alex S.M Mhone

FoEISU is a student body in the faculty of education which looks at students’ academic and socio-cultural welfare. While at first the faculty used to look at this aspect without direct student involvement, later the faculty decided to let students be actively involved in leadership and organization to take care of their own needs, hence its formationin October, 2013.

In doing its treasured tasks, the union acts as a bridge between students and the faculty. The Union has several departments such as the presidency, secretary general, Media, Academics, career development and, that of culture and activities. The union does its functions through these offices.

The Union’s main task are to advocate and to organize. In advocacy, they speak instead of the student community. They act as a channel through which students grievances can be heard to the faculty. In organization, they organize different activities for the students in the field of academics, entertainment and culture, career development and any other activity deemed necessary. One important aspect within the FoEISU is the media department which publicizes activities on campus and beyond as long as are related to BNU students in its monthly timeline.

There are challenges which threaten the existence and sustainability of the Union. A good number of students are not interested to join this union to carry out voluntary activities on behalf of fellow students within this school of education. Lack of interest can mainly be attributed to lack of incentives from the faculty of education because these students carry out these activities with almost no privileges.

The certificates of appreciation are not appreciated by students as incentives enough to attract them join it. They feel they would rather concentrate on their academic work. Nevertheless, the faculty administrators and students must work out these challenges to make sure that this union remain in existence and active for the betterment of student community at BNU.

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