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【CALL FOR PAPERS】 6th BNU / UCL IOE International Conference in Education Published:2016-09-20 16:00:13  Views:10

6th BNU / UCL IOE International Conference in Education

Friday 12 and Saturday 13 May 2017


Title: Education and Mobilities: Ideas, People and Technologies

Official Website:

Call for papers

We invite academics, researchers and practitioners in education from around the world to participate in this major international conference in Beijing. Organised in partnership between Beijing Normal University and the UCL Institute of Education, London this biennial event provides a dynamic international forum for sharing research and good practice in education. We particularly welcome papers and reports of research involving schools and the initial and professional development of teachers.


Overall conference theme: Education and Mobilities: Ideas, People and Technologies


Globalisation involves intensification of movements of people, ideas and capital. Mass air travel, the media and the Internet help to create an increasing awareness of the world as a single entity and the interconnectedness of people. At the same time, these factors also have the potential to exacerbate differences and generate self-consciousness of identities.   Education systems and institutions confront challenges raised by the increasing internationalisation of school and university populations. They also need to respond to changes in society including the challenges of inequalities, xenophobia, racism and the exclusion that may lead to violent antisocial actions. Education can also play a crucial role in overcoming discriminations and promoting social justice. The conference will feature empirical and conceptual research that addresses the following issues.



Conference Strands

The conference will be organised in three strands. Each strand has suggested subthemes. These are included to indicate the kinds of issues that will be explored in the strand.


a. Mobilities of Ideas

Papers that present research focusing on education and ideas and ideologies including:

o   Standards; Quality assurance

o   Democracy; Human rights; Citizenship

o   Neoliberalisation; Marxism; Post-Marxism

o   Religion

o   Inclusive education

o   Postmodernism, Feminism and Multiculturalism


b. Mobilities of People

Papers that focus on education and migration including:

o   Internationalisation of universities

o   Superdiversity; Identities

o   Responses to refugees

o   Student exchange programmes

o   Intercultural education

o   Cosmopolitanism

o   Language issues


c. Mobilities and Technologies

Papers that focus on education and technologies including:

o   Internet

o   Distance and online learning

o   Virtual learning environments

o   MOOCs

o   Social media

o   Games and youth digital culture



We welcome contributions in the following forms:


·         academic papers based on research or scholarship;

·         case studies of practice in schools, communities and formal and informal education settings;

·         reports of projects and initiatives at local, regional, national or international levels.


This conference will provide insights into theory and practice relevant to understanding mobilities in education. Therefore proposals are welcome from:


·         academics,  researchers, master and doctoral students  in education, sociology, politics and other relevant disciplines;

·         teachers, teacher educators and other educational practitioners;

·         professionals working for NGOs, and national or local government (and related agencies).


All papers will be placed within one of the three academic strands listed above. Please use these to guide the development of your submission, although the final decision as to which strand accepted papers will be placed in rests with the conference committee.


Submitting a paper


If you wish to submit a paper to the conference, please send us an abstract of about 500 words in English by 15 October 2016. All papers will be peer reviewed, and contributors will be notified of the outcome by 1 December 2016.


Please follow the headings below. Reviewing will be blind, that is based on Page 2 only, with no author names.

Page 1

Title of Paper

Author(s) full names and institutional affiliation

Name and email of corresponding author

Strand selected: Mobilities of Ideas / Mobilities of People / Mobilities and Technologies


Page 2 (and 3 if necessary)

Title of Paper

Abstract in English (about 500 words)

References (no more than six)


The abstract should summarise a full paper, drawing out the salient issues briefly and succinctly.

Research based abstracts should include the following sections:

·         Context;

·         Research questions and/or aims;

·         Methodology;

·         Key findings;

·         Recommendations and/or implications.


Practice based abstracts should cover:


·         Context;

·         Innovation/intervention/project aims/goals;

·         Innovation/intervention/project outline;

·         Evidence of impact;

·         Recommendations and/or implications.


Abstracts should be submitted by email to OR Please ONLY submit to one of the email addresses.


Please use the subject heading BNUIOE 2017 abstract


The deadline for receipt of abstracts is 15 October 2016. No abstracts received after this date will be considered.


Authors will be notified of the outcome of their abstract submission by 1 December 2016.

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