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Reshaping Learning Published:2015-11-10 10:07:51  Views:10



Editors: Ronghuai Huang, J. Michael Spector, Athabasca University

ISBN: 978-3-642-32300-3 (Print) 978-3-642-32301-0 (Online)


      This edited volume presents selected papers from distinguished experts and professors in learning technologies and related fields, all of them pioneers with innovative approaches to the development of learning technologies. This book will address the main issues concerned with current trends in and the future development of learning processes, innovative pedagogies, the effects of new technologies on education, and future learning content. Learning technologies have been affected by technological advances and changes in the field of education. Today we cannot afford to first observe changes and then adapt to them; instead we need to predict changes and respond to them positively and actively in order to shape trends more beneficially. This book collects the latest concepts at the frontier of learning education and future developments with regard to learning, pedagogies, and learning technologies in order to arrive at an image of learning education in the near future.



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