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    ZHOU Ying Associate Professor
    School of Educational Technology

    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
    . Associate Professor & Master Tutor, School of Educational Technology

    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
    . Lecturer & Master Tutor, School of Educational Technology, 2011

    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
    . Lecturer, College of Information Science & Technology


    School of Information Engineering, University of Science & Technology Beijing,
    .Ph.D. in Data Mining belongs to Computer Software and Theory


    Department of Mathematics and Information Technology, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
    .Visiting Scholar

    School of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University
    .Artificial Intelligent for Master(Rewarded by BNU for excellent teaching), Knowledge Engineering for Master, Surfing the Internet Healthily, Program C, Knowledge Management and Knowledge Engineering, Data Structure

    College of Information Science & Technology, Beijing Normal University
    .Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure, Foundation of Computer Application


    . A Guide Book of Healthily Surfing the Internet of Juveniles—for Students. Publishing group of Beijing Normal University,2012.

    Book Chapters
    . A Guide Book of Healthily Surfing the Internet of Juveniles—for Teachers. Publishing group of Beijing Normal University,2010.(Participated 32,800 Chinese characters, Total of Chinese Characters 85,000)

    Journal Articles

    The field of artificial intelligence and its educational application

    . Ying Zhou, Siu Cheung Kong. The Research on Common Knowledge in Word Problem Auto-Solving System. The workshop proceeding of International Conference on Hybrid Learning 2012.
    . Ying Zhou, Yun Ren. The semantic comprehension of You-sentence in automatic word problem solving system. China Educational Technology. 2011.4(CSSCI)
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    . Ma Yuhui, Zhou Ying, Cui Guanzuo, Ren Yun, Huang Ronghai. Frame-Based Calculus of solving Arithmetic Multi-Step Addition and Subtraction word problems. The 2nd International Workshop on Education Technology and Computer Science (ETCS 2010)(EI)
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    . Yang Bingru, Zhou Ying, Zhang Dezheng. Research progress of KDD and its philosophy thinking. Journal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics(Social Sciences Edition), 2000,13(1) (Chinese core)

    The field of education on healthily Surfing the Internet for youngsters

    . Zhou Ying, Kong Siu Cheung, Zhang Dalin. A New Method of Evaluating Internet Application: Using the Evaluation for Internet Game as an Example. Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education 2012.
    . Ying Zhou, Chong Zhang. Addictive factors of web game and the development of educational game. E-education research.2010.7(CSSCI)
    . Ying Zhou, Chong Zhang. The feature of Internet game and the prevention of Internet game addiction. China Youth Study.2010,4: 67-71(CSSCI)
    . Ying Zhou, Dalin Zhang. The cause of negative mood in the job of Internet addiction transform for teachers in vocational school and its counterplan. Forum of vocational education.2010,33: 55-57(Chinese core)
    . Ying Zhou, Dalin Zhang. Statistic analysis of Chinese papers of Internet addiction. Information Research.2010,12: 6-8
    The field of teaching research

    . Zhou Ying, Wang Bin, Constructing the Knowledge Structure for the Curriculum of “Discrete Mathematics” by Applying Mind Map and Concept Map, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Computer Science & Education2007: 1271-1274.( ISTP)
    . Ying Zhou, Ronghuai Huang. The experiment of teaching reform on Discrete Mathematics combining WebCL collaborative learning platform. Computer education. 2006,8: 109-110


    A practical model study on converting middle school students of Internet dependence based on corporation approach and sampling experiments in Beijing
    .Fund source: Key task of the twelfth five-year plan on education science of Beijing,2012
    .Period of the Project: Jan. 2013—Dec. 2015

    Research of cooperative interpreting principle of Internet addiction disorder and an experiment of prevention of Internet dependence for undergraduate
    .Fund source: Youth fund of humanities and social sciences, Ministry of Education of PRC
    .Period of the Project: Jan. 2010—Dec. 2012

    Status survey on Internet life-style of students and its strategies study
    .Fund source: Major task of the eleventh five-year plan on education science of Beijing,2010
    .Period of the Project: Jan. 2011—Dec. 2013
    .Principal Investigator

    Sub-item of characteristic specialty construction of Education Technology of Beijing Normal University—Research of teaching method reform for computer curriculum based on KM teaching method
    .Fund source: Ministry of Education of PRC, Ministry of Finance of PRC
    .Period of the Project: Jan.2011—Dec.2012
    .Host of the Sub-item

    Sub-item of research and practice of KM teaching method—Research of teaching results evaluation of KM teaching method
    .Fund source: Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC
    .Period of the Project: Oct. 2010—Oct. 2012
    .Host of the sub-item

    Curriculum reform and development of discrete mathematics I
    .Fund source: Project of educational innovative platform construction for teacher of Beijing Normal University
    .Period of the Project: Sep. 2009—Aug. 2010

    Research of rule novelty of knowledge base
    .Fund source: Fund for young teachers of Beijing Normal University
    .Period of the Project: Apr. 2004—Apr. 2006

    Time sequence analysis and data mining based on optimizing fuzzy information pelletization
    .Fund source: National Natural Science Foundation of China
    .Period of the Project: Jan.2008—Dec.2010
    .Principal Investigator

    Research on knowledge discovery system and its application based on database and knowledge-base
    .Fund source: National Natural Science Foundation of China
    .Period of the Project: Jan.2001 –Dec.2003
    .Principal Investigator

    A demonstrative project of educational innovational support system for teacher based next generation Internet
    .Fund source: National Development and Reform Committee
    .Period of the Project: Jul.2009—Dec.2010
    .Principal Investigator

    Research on support technology of national knowledge service system
    .Fund source: Ministry of Education of PRC
    .Period of the Project: Jan.2006—Oct.2007
    .Principal Investigator


    Expert Consultant. Large-scale nationwide public benefit activity: abstain from the Internet addiction. Organized by the central civilization office(中央文明办), the Central Committee of the Communist Young League(共青团中央), etc. 2006

    An investigation on the situation of Internet addiction on vocational high schools of Chaoyang district, Beijing. Published by the central civilization office and Submitted to Chinese premier and vice-premier, etc. 2007(Principal Investigator)

    Game Software Branch of China Software Industry Association
    . General Secretary, Adolescent Protection and Education Committee

    Publicity chair and reviewer, The International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications(ADMA 2009)

    Reviewer, 2nd International Conference on Network Engineering and Computer Science (ICNECS 2011)

    Reviewer, 2nd International STEM in Education Conference(2012)


    Science and Technology Award of Electronic Information (Third Class), 2005
    .Project: Innovative Technology and Method of Data Mining in Complex System and Its Application
    . Award prize unit:Chinese Institute of Electronics
    .Winner:ZHOU Ying (Ranked fourth)