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    ZHAO Guoqing Lecturer
    School of Educational Technology
    Ph.D., College of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing,2006
    B.A., College of InformationScience &Technology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing,2001

    Academic Positions
    Lecturer. School of Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal Univerisity, 2006-present

    Honors and Awards
    The Second Prize of Beijing Teaching Achievement, Beijing municipal commission of education, 2008
    Outstanding Teaching Award by College of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal Univerisity, 2008
    Second Award in the 11th Competition on Young Teachers’ Teaching basic skills sponsored by Beijing Normal Univerity, 2008
    Best Teaching Language Award in the 11th Competition on Young Teachers’ Teaching basic skills sponsored by Beijing Normal Univerity, 2008

    Research Interests
    Thinking Skills Training
    Knowledge Visualization
    Learning Power
    Instruction Design, especial those to foster high order thinking skills

    Undergraduate Courses:
    C Language and Programing, Object-Oriented Programing, Data Structure, Basics of Computer Application, Multimedia Technology and Webpage-producing

    Graduate Courses:
    Thinking Skills Training, Educational Technology, Application of Digital Resourse and Courseware Development

    Research Grants
    Apply Knowledge Visualization Technology to Foster Students’ Problem Solving Ability in Science. MOE Foundation for Youth (ECA09443) under National Educational Science Planning. 2009-2012. Total costs: ¥10,000.

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