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    YANG Kaicheng Professor
    School of Educational Technology
    Address:Room 204, Yanbo Building


    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China



    Department of Electronics, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China


    D.Sc. in Educational Technology

    Dissertation title 'Research on intelligent hypermedia instructional system for Chinese Learning in Primary School'       

    Committee Chair: LIN Chongde


    Department of Electronics, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China


    M.Sc. in Educational Technology

    Advisor: HE Kekang


    Department of Electronics, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China


    B.Sc. in Educational Technology



    School of Educational Technology, Faulty of Education, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China



    Undergraduate Courses: Computer Language and Programming(C), Data Structure (in C), Integrated Practice of Instructional Design Theory

    Graduate Course: Theory and Technology of Curriculum Development, Instructional Design


    Educology and STEM education


    Journal Articlesin Chinese

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    Research on Philosophical Foundation of Educational Technology, Beijing, China

    Fund source: MOE (Ministry of Education in China) Project of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2005

    Type: Research Report

    Principal Investigator: YANG Kaicheng

    Research on Measurement and Training of Problem-solving Strategies for High School Students., Beijing, China

    Fund source: National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2007

    Type: Research Report

    Principal Investigator: YANG Kaicheng