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    HE Kekang Professor
    School of Educational Technology

    HE Kekang , male, born in 1937, Guangdong province Dabu county.1963 graduated from Beijing Normal University Physics Department of radio electronics professional graduate. Now is the Northeast Normal University’s Honorary Professor ( tenured professor ), the director of Beijing Normal University modern education technology research institute.1993 December by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council approved as China's first Educational Technology Doctoral tutor. Since 1978 , six times successively won the state education ministry and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, including second prize of four times, the third prize twice, once won the Beijing international invention exhibition gold medal. In 2011 won the fourth session of national education scientific research excellent achievement first prize. In 2011 won the Chinese education technology association to issue 'education technology outstanding contribution award'.

    1992 by the national ministry of personnel awarded the title of expert with outstanding contribution, In 1993 was named the outstanding teachers in Beijing, in 2006 was named the college famous teachers of Beijing, in 2007 was named the national Baogang excellent teacher.

    From June 2001 to May 2006 , was appointed director of the national Education Ministry Educational Technology Professional Teaching Steering Committee. Now is the director of National Teacher Education Informatization Experts Committee, the Director of China Educational Technology Association’s Academic Committee, the First Vice-Chairman of Global Chinese Society on Computers in Education (GCSCE), the International famous Journal JCAL ( Journal of Computer Assisted Learning ) Editorial member.

    For many years , professor He Kekang and his research team have been in the 'education informatization engineering ', ' primary and secondary school teaching reform experiment ' and ' education innovation theory ' etc. three fields carried out research and exploration. Not only developed a large number of domestic leading education information solutions and educational software products, taking the lead in advocating and vigorously promote the information technology and discipline curriculum integration, and in “information technology and curriculum integration” the theory and practice aspects has been leading direction and trend of domestic.

    When HE as a 'National Teacher Education Informatization Experts Committee' director period, responsible for chairing and formulated the first one national teachers' professional ability standard——'national primary and secondary school teachers' educational technology ability standard'.

    At the same time, on the basis of long-term in-depth carried on primary and secondary school teaching reform experimental research, professor He Kekang hard explores the era of network innovation education theory. Through to the domestic and foreign famous education thought and theory of critical inheritance, and closely combined with China's actual, finally in the creative thinking theory, the information technology and curriculum deep-level integration theory, the children's thinking development new theory, the semantic perception theory (children's language development new theory), and the constructivism instruction design theory etc aspects gradually established own brand-new educational theory.