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    FU Qian Professor
    School of Educational Technology
    Address:Room 21, Yanbo Building


    Professor, Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China


    2001.9-2004.7  Doctor degree of educational technology, School of Information Science, Beijing normal university

    1999.9-2001.7  Master degree of computer application technology , School of Information Science , Beijing normal university

    1995.9-1999.7  Bachelor's degree of electronics and information system, School of Information Science,  Beijing normal university



    2004.9-2007.8 Lecturer, School of Information Technology, Beijing Normal University  

    2007.9-2009.8 Associate Professor, School of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University  

    2009.9-2021.8 Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University  

    2021.9- Professor, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University  




    Books and Translated Works

    [1] FU Qian, WANG Yuru. The Entry to Python Programming for Teenagers——Introducing Python through Comics

    [2] FU Qian, YANG Sisi. The Adventures in Mixly City 

    [3] FU Qian, LIU Pengfei. More Than Handcarft: The Journey of Creational STEM Origami


    Journal Articles

    [1]Fu, Qian & Zhang, Li-Wen & Hong, Jon-Chao & Dong, Yan. (2021). Development and verification of the programming resilience scale for university students. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology. 141-155. 10.14742/ajet.6833.

    [2] Fu Qian, Tang Wenjing, Wang Wen, Zheng Yafeng.  Construction and Visualization analysis of Programming Knowledge Map Based on Code Idiom Mining -- Taking 'CircuitPython Open Hardware Programming' teacher training course as an example [J].  Modern Educational Technology, 201,31(10):93-102.  

    [3] Fu Qian, ZHANG Liwen, Ma Haotian, ZHENG Yafeng.  A Survey of College Students' Programming toughness and Its Influencing Factors [J]. Research on E-Education, 201,42(04):29-36.  

    [4] Fu Qian, Tang Wenjing, Wang Wen, Zheng Yafeng.  Research on automatic mining and Educational Application of programming mode for High school programming teaching [J]. China Electronic Education,2021,(02):61-67.  

    [5] Fu Qian, Zeng Zilong, ZHa Yuchong, Zheng Yafeng.  Modern education technology,2020,30(02):97-103.  

    [6] Fu Qian, XIE Bochao, ZHENG Yafeng.  An empirical Study of Programming Teaching Based on Graphic Tools to Promote the Development of Junior Middle School students' Computational thinking [J].  Electronic education research,2019,40(04):122-128.  

    [7] Fu Qian, ZHENG Yafeng.  Research on regional promotion strategy of maker education [J]. China Electronic Education,2018,(05):61-68.  

    [8] Fu Qian. From Innovation Practice to Personality Cultivation -- A Summary of the Development of Maker Education Goals [J].  Electronic education research,2017,38(06):41-46.  

    [9] FU Qian, XIE Bochao, ZHENG Yafeng. Empirical Research on Programming Education Based on Graphical Tools to Promote Students' Computational Thinking in Junior High School[J]. e-Education Research, 2019,40(04):122-128.

    [10] FU Qian. A Review of Objectives of Maker Education: From Innovative Practice to Personality Cultivation[J]. e-Education Research,2017,38(06):41-46.



    2020-2024 A project aided by The National Natural Science Foundation of China: The research on the key technologies of the online programming adaptive learning system for primary and secondary school students

    2018-2019 A project supported by China Science And Technology MuseumThe design of the ‘Zhilaizhewang’ modern origami Science Exhibition

    2017-2018 A project from local placesThe “Mixly” maker education project

    2015-2017 A project supported by Beijing Office for Eductaion Sciences Planning: A study on the teaching system of maker education for primary and secondary schools in Beijing——taking the creative electronic education as an example



    Excellent Tutor of Freshmen, Excellent Counselor