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    YANG Mingquan Associate Professor
    Institute of International and Comparative Education
    Yang Mingquan was born in Rizhao City, Shandong province in 1975.He is an Associate Professor of International and Comparative Education Research Institute, Beijing Normal University. He major in comparative education, curriculum and instruction. His research interests includes comparative curriculum and instruction, STS curriculum, integrated practical activity, and school-based curriculum development.

    Dr. Yang was graduated in Shandong Juxian No.1 Middle School in July 1994, and got into Department of Education of Qufu Normal University in September. In 1998, he got into International and Comparative Education Research Institute of East China Normal University, Where he entered the course of Master’s Degree in Comparative Education. In September 2000, he advanced in the phase of study of doctor's degree. In July 2003, he got the Ph.D.
    In August 2003, he became a lecturer of School of Education, Beijing Normal University. Now, he works in the International and Comparative Education Research Institute. He is in charge many research projects, such as ‘STS Curriculum Development in Middle School’, ‘Insurance Curriculum Development in Elementary School’ ,et,al.

    Professional Experience
    2003.8 Lecturer, School of Education, Beijing Normal University.
    2009.6-2010.5, Associate Professor, Institute of Curriculum and Instruction, Beijing Normal University.
    2010.6-, Associate Professor, International and Comparative Education Research Institute, Beijing Normal University.

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