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    WANG Yingjie Professor
    Institute of International and Comparative Education
    Professor of Education Beijing Normal University

    1958—1964 No.2 Secondary School Attached to Beijing Normal University
    1964—1968 BA in Portuguese Beijing Foreign Language University
    1985—1988 PhD in Education Beijing Normal University

    Other Learning Experience
    1980—1982 Visiting Scholar Stanford University, USA

    Working Experience:
    1973—Present Professor of Education Programs in International and Comparative
    Education and Higher Education, Beijing Normal University. (on
    faculty since 1973)

    Other Working Experience:
    1988—1989 Visiting Professor University of Vermont, USA
    1991—1992 Fulbright Senior Research Scholar Harvard University, USA
    1993—1995 Dean School of Education, University of Macau, Macau
    1983—1988 Deputy Dean International and Comparative Education Research
    Institute (ICERI), Beijing Normal University
    1988—1995 Dean ICERI, Beijing Normal University
    1995—1999 Vice-president responsible for instructional affairs, personnel affairs
    and international exchanges, Beijing Normal University
    1999 Panelist, Accreditation Panel organized by HKCAA for HKIED (one
    week work)
    2000 Panelist, Accreditation Panel organized by HKCAA for Shue Yan
    College (one week work)
    October/November, 2002 Visiting Professor, Trento University, Italy
    January/June, 2004 Visiting Professor, Naruto University of Education, Japan

    Grants and Awards (1990/present)
    1991—1993 Grant from UNICEF for the Study on "Basic Education in China's Rural Areas at Different Development Levels"

    1995—2000 Grant from National Five-year Plan of Educational Research for Comparative Study on "Basic Education in the Neighboring Countries"

    1995—2000 Grant from National Five-year Plan of Educational Research for Comparative Study on "World Trends of Higher Education Development"

    1999—2001 Grant from UN Task Force for China's Basic Education for Organizing and Chairing "China's Basic Education Forum"

    2001—2003 Grant from Ministry of Education for Study on "Instructional Reform and Curriculum Innovations at World-class Universities"
    2002—2005 Grant from National Five-year Plan of Educational Research for Comparative Study on “Development of World-class University”

    2000 National First Rate Award for Educational Research for the period of 1990 to 2000

    2000 Outstanding Educational Research Paper Award from Beijing Higher Education
    2006——2009 Grant from Ministry of Education for study on “Measuring Innovation and Creativity of Universities”
    2009 Outstanding adviser for a student who won 100 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Annual Award granted by State Council Degree Committee
    2010 Outstanding Research Outcome Grade 1 Award granted by Beijing Municipal Government

    Mother Language: Chinese
    English: Proficiency 4
    Portuguese: Proficiency 2

    Professional Associations:
    Co-chair Pannel in Education, Committee of Academic Degree, State Council

    Vice-chairman  Council Member

    National Society of Comparative Education
    Academic Committee, National Association of Higher Educcation
    National Society of American Study

    Counselor China's Education Association for International Exchanges

    Member National Committee of College-level Examination for Self-taught Learners

    Council Member National Society of College Instruction

    Deputy Director

    Academic Committee, National Degree and Graduate Education Research Center

    Alternate Member Governing Board of the UNESCO Institute for Education,

    Publications (1990/present):
    1992 Comparative Education Volume, Encyclopedia of Education, co-author and
    Chief-editor, Shanghai Education Press, Shanghai.
    1993 The Development and Reform of American Higher Education, People's
    Education Press, Beijing.
    Comparative Volume, China's Educational Studies, Hubei Education Press,
    1994 Implementing Basic Education in China, co-author, IIEP, Paris.
    1997 Compulsory Education in Asian Developing Countries, co-author, People's
    Education Press, Beijing.
    1998 National Cultural Traditions and Modernization of Education (co-author),
    Beijing Normal University Press, Beijing.
    1999 Comparative Education, editor, Guangdong Higher Education Press,
    2000 American Volume, Encyclopedia of Major Education Events, Editor, Jiangsu
    Education Press, Nangjing.
    2001 American Education, Jilin Education Press, Changchun.
    2005 Undergraduate Innovative Education --- A Comparative Perspective, Shanxi Education Press. (co-author)
    2007 The World-Class University and Ranking: Aiming beyond Status, UNESCO CEPES. (co-author)
    2006 Country Report on Tertiary Education in China for OECD (chief editor)
    2008 Development of World-class Universities, Shanxi Education Press. (co-author)
    US-China Educational Exchanges: Perspectives on a Growing Partnership, Institute of International Education. (co-author)
    2009 China’s Educational Reform for 30 Years – Higher Education, Beijing Normal University Press (Chief editor)

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