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    WANG Lu Professor
    Institute of International and Comparative Education
    D. Phil in Education, School of Education, University of Sussex, U.K. 1997
    M.A in Education, Institute of Foreign Education, Beijing Normal University, 1985.
    B.A in English Language and Literature, Shanxi University, China. 1982
    1985-1987: Assistant, Institute of Foreign Education, Beijing Normal University.
    1987-1993: Lecturer, Institute of Foreign Education, Beijing Normal University.
    1993-1999: Associate Professor, Institute of International and ComparativeEducation, Beijing Normal University.
    1999- 2003: Research Officer, Institute of Development Studies at University ofSussex;
    2004-2010: Associate Professor, Institute of International and Comparative Education, Beijing Normal University;
    2010- : Professor, School of International and Comparative Education Research, Beijing Normal University;
    World Bank: Fourth Basic Education Project in China
    UNESCO: Study of indicator systems of quality education
    DFID: Gansu Basic Education Project
    1. Promoting Balanced Development of Education through Educational Standards: Comparative Study of Policy for Balanced Development of Compulsory Education, Key Research Project of Key Humanity and Social Science Research Base of the Department of Education, 2010;
    2. Comparative Study of Balanced Development of Compulsory Education,“Project 211”, Beijing Normal University, 2010;
    3. Comparative Study of Inspection and Evaluation of School Education Homeand Abroad, National Inspectorate of Department of Education, 2009;
    4. Access to Education in China-Three Case Studies for CREATE, JointProject with University of Sussex, UK, Department of InternationalDevelopment, U.K. 2008;
    5. Neglected Voices: Education of Migrant Children,Saved Children Foundation, 2001-02;
    6. Access to Adequate Education: Experience of Migrant Children, British Council, 2002-03;
    7. Education of migrant children in major China cities: policy, The British Academy, 2002-03;
    Books/Teaching Material:
    1. Educational Inspection and Evaluation in UK: System, Notions andDevelopments; Beijing: Higher Education Press, 2010; Reprinted 2011.
    2. Implementing Basic Education in China: Progress and Prospects in Rich, Poor andNational Minority Area, (1994). With Keith M Lewin, Wang Yingjie, et, al. IIEP,UNESCO.
    3. Educational Inspection and Evaluation in UK, Taiyuan: Shanxi Education Press,1992;
    4. Ideas and Strategies in Educational Reform Home and Abroad, (Ed. Chi En-lian&QuHeng-chang, Chapter on England, Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press, 1996;
    5. Educational Inspection system in Foreign Countries (Ed. Gu Ming-yuan), Chapter on England, Beijing: People’s Press, 1993;
    6. Items on American Education (part of it), Great Encyclopedia on Education, Volume on Comparative Education (Vol. 12) (Ed. Gu Ming-yuan), Shanghai: Shanghai Education Press, 1992;
    7. School Inspection and Evaluation in England, Beijing: Beijing Normal UniversityPress, 1988; (Reference Book for National Training Course for School Inspectorsin China);
    Translation Works:
    1. Key Issues in Secondary Education By John Beck, Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press, 2007;
    2. World Crisis in Education By Coombs, (Some Chapters), Beijing: People’s Education Press, 1991;
    1. Strengthening School Self-evaluation and Enhancing Inspection Effectiveness: Trends ofDevelopment of School Inspection and Evaluation in England, Comparative Education Review, No. 10, 2011;
    2. Comparative Study on Legislative Construction in Educational Inspection,Comparative Education Review, No.3. 2011;
    3. Reform in Secondary Education in England since 1990s.,Comparative Education Review, No.7. 2010;
    4. Conceptual Analysis for Balanced Development of Education Policies in England,Comparative Education Review, No.3. 2009;
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    6. From Selective Education to Choice Education: Value Orientation of basic Education in England, Educational Research, No. 3, 2008;
    7. Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in the Construction of Harmonious Society in England and its Implications for Education Policies, Comparative Education Review, No.3, 2008;
    8. Bases and Principles for Higher Education Research Funding in England, Studies inForeign Education, No. 2, 2008;
    9. Equity and Efficiency Issues in School Choice Policy in England, Studies inForeign Education, No. 3, 2008;
    10. Authority and Professionalism of School Inspectors in England and Reflections onEducational Inspection System in China, Studies in Foreign Education, No. 12,2008;
    11. Comparisons in Educational Inspection System between China and England: Motivation, Significance and Functions; Comparative Education Review, No.10, 2008;
    12. Changes in Education Reform Perspective and Polices in England, Comparative Education Review, No.9. 2007;
    13. Contemporary Changes and Trends for Graduate Education in England, Comparative Education Review, No.12, 2007;
    14. Interpreting Entitlements: Implementation of Urban Relief Programs in China, in Needs and Entitlements: New Approaches to Social Policy Studies in China’s Transition (Sarah Cook), China Labor Social Security Press, 2007;
    15. National Curriculum and its Implications on Teachers Professional Autonomy in England, Comparative Education Review, No.9, 2006;
    16. Tuition and Support Policy for University Students in England and itsImplications, Comparative Education Review, No.7, 2006;
    17. Policy Development and Implementation on Compulsory Education of School-Age Migrant Children- Beijing Case Study, Journal of EducationalStudies, No. 3, 2005;
    18. Every Child Matters: Well-being of Disadvantaged Children in England,Comparative Education Review, No.10, 2005;
    19. The urban Chinese educational system and the marginality of migrant children, in Chinese Citizenship: views from the margins, London: Routledge, 2005;
    20. Background, contents and issues of the reform of inspection system in England in early 1990s, Comparative Education Review, No. 4. , 1999;
    21. Western perspective on quality and evaluation model, Comparative Education Review,Additional Issue, No. 10, 1998;
    22. Implementation of Basic Education from International Perspective, (Dr. Keith Lewin). Chinese Translation, Comparative Education Review, No. 4. 1993;
    23. Gender Issue and Minority Children Education in Universal Compulsory Education, Comparative Education Review, No. 4. 1993;
    24. A Longitudinal Analysis of University Entrance Examinations in China, (withLewin K M) (1991), International Journal of Educational Development Vol. 11, No. 3.
    24. University Entrance in China; A Quiet Revolution, (with Lewin K M), (1990). Presented at the annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society, University of Bristol Sept. 1988 and published in Broad P Murphy R Torrance H Changing Educational Assessment; International Perspectives and Trends. Routledge.
    25. Emphasizing Improving Quality of Education: Reflections on 1988 Educational Reform Act in UK. Foreign Education Development No. 5. 1990;
    26. Preliminary Study of Assessment of Students’ Learning, Foreign Educational Development, No. 3, 1987; First Fine Dissertation Prize 1986, Beijing Normal University.
    27. Historical Evolution of Chinese Inspection System (1987) Chinese Education Newspaper.
    28. Reform of Public Education in U.S.A.(1986) Foreign Educational Development.
    29. Continuing Education and American Labor Force (1985) Foreign Educational Development.
    Research/Consultant Report
    1. Report on Reform of British Secondary Education, Accepted by Second Department of Basic Education, Ministry of Education, 2010;
    2. Report of Comparative Studies of Construction of Educational Inspection System, Accepted by Office of National Education Inspectorate, Ministry of Education, 2010;
    3. Report on Study Tour of Educational Inspection and Quality Monitoring System in Spain, Germany and Netherland, Accepted by Office of National Educational Inspectorate, Ministry of Education, 2010;
    4. Monitoring and Inspection System for Universalizing Nine-year Compulsory Education, Centre for Rural Education Research and Training for Rural Education, UNESCO, 2010;
    5. Report on the Current State of Education Reform in U.K., Accepted by Centre for Educational Development and Research, Ministry of Education, 2009.
    6. Xiamen Case Study Report on the Voices of migrant children (2002) submitted toBritish Council
    6. Pilot case study report on the voices of migrant children (2001) submitted to Save the Children, Beijing Office
    7. Research reports on laid off workers and minimum livelihood security system in China cities (2001) IDS.
    8. Interpreting entitlement: local level implementation of China’s urban relief program (2000), with Sarah Cook. Working paper, IDS publication
    9. Access, Equity and Efficiency: Perspectives on the Chinese School System (1996) with Keith Lewin and Angela Little, China Research Monograph 6, The British Council
    1. Attending Sino-Japan Conference on Teacher Education in Naruto University of Education, Japan, Dec. 9-13th. 2010;
    2. Study Tour on “Educational Inspection and Quality Monitoring System in Spain, Germany and Netherland” , the Office of National Education Inspectorate, Ministry of Education, Nov. 2nd. – 13th. 2009;
    3. Visit to United Kingdom on Higher Education Reform, Ministry of Education, Nov. 9-12th., 2008;
    41999-2004Research Officer at Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK.;
    51993-97: Ph.d. Student at School of education, University of Sussex, UK.
    1. Comparative Education in Different Countries and Regions for Master students
    2. Educational Development and Reform Home and Abroad for Master Students;
    3. Educational Inspection and Evaluation in Comparative Perspective for Master students;
    4. Culture and Education in England for Undergraduate Students;
    5. School Level Education in Foreign Countries for Master Students