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    JIANG Yingmin Professor
    Institute of International and Comparative Education

    Yingmin Jiang, professor at the Institute of International and Comparative Education of Beijing Normal University and director of the Institute's Research Center for International Understanding Education. She is also a member of the International Committee in the Japan Associate International Education, an overseas editorial board member in the Journal of the Korean Society of education for International Understanding, and an external expert of the China Center for International People-to-People Exchange Ministry of Education and the China Education Association for International Exchange. 

    Over years, she has been engaged in theoretical and practical research on international understanding education, and presided over many projects, including the key project of the Ministry of Education in the Education Science Planning “Thirteen Five-Year Plan”, “Research on the Construction of International Understand Educational Curriculum System in Chinese Primary and Secondary Schools from the Perspective of a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind” and the major project of the Key Research Bases of Humanities Science under the Ministry of Education, “A Comparative Study of 'Global Citizenship' Education Models in International Organizations and Selected Countries around the World”. She has also cooperated with Japan and South Korea in the research of “‘Understanding Others and Coexistence through Communications’ Courses Development”, issued books such as “Polices and Theories of International Understanding Education in East Asia” and “A Comparative Study of International Understanding Education Policies in the Context of Globalization”, and published more than 100 papers and columns in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean at home and abroad.