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    TONG Lili Associate Professor
    School of Educational Technology
    Address:Floor 12, Block A, Jingshi Technology Plaza, No.12 Xueyuan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China


    2018.11-    Associate Professor/Postgraduate Supervisor, Institute of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University

    2020.12-    Deputy Director (expertise in AI), Educational Informatization Strategy Research Base, Ministry of Education

    2020.09-    Member of Technical Committee, Chongqing Engineering Research Center on Smart Education                                                                                                                                             

    2020.07-    Reviewer, <Education Modernization>



    · Bachelor’s Degree -- Communications Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (1998.09-2002.07)

    · Master’s Degree -- Information Management and Information System, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

    · Doctoral Degree --Management Science and Engineering in Complex System & Decision-making Support (successive postgraduate and doctoral program from 2002.09 to 2008.12)

    · faculty exchange-- Queen Mary University of London (2005.07-2005.08)

    · exchange on curriculum design: Project Management -- Feng Chia University (2009.07-2009.08)



    · Associate Professor/Postgraduate Supervisor, School of Educational Technology,

    Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University (2018.11- now)

    · Director, Talent Training Center, National Engineering Laboratory for Cyberlearning and Intelligent Technology (2018.11- now)

    · Director, the 1st Teaching and Research Center, School of Network Education of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (2009.04-2018.10)

    · Secretary on International Cooperation, School of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (2002.07-2009.04)



    · A Research on Theoretical Construction and Practical Investigation of College Students’ Language Innovation Ability Under the Concept of Ubiquitous Learning. (China Educational Technology, covered by CSSCI, 2020)

    · A Research on Improvement of Information Literacy of Primary and Secondary School Principals from Perspective of Balanced Education: A Case of "Three Districts and Three States" Training. (E-education Research, covered by CSSCI, 2020)

    · A Research on Opinion Leader Identification Model in Online Knowledge Community. (China Educational Technology, covered by CSSCI, 2019)

    · A Research of Customer Loyalty Improvement in Telecom Industry Based on NPS Data Mining. China Communications, covered by SCI, 2017

    · A Research on Evaluation Index System of Online Course Information Dissemination Effect Based on Learning Motivation Promotion. (China Educational Technology, covered by CSSCI, 2017)

    · An Empirical Study on Customer Satisfaction Influencing Factors of Industry Application Products Based on Experiential Level Theory. China Communications, covered by SCI, 2016

    · A Study on the Standard of 4R Curriculum of William Doll from the Perspective of Complexity. (China Educational Technology, covered by CSSCI, 2016)

    · CSI-Model-Based Research on Factors Affecting Rate Satisfaction of Government and Corporate Customers—Taking Special-Line Products as an Example. (China Communications, covered by SCI, 2015)

    · ST Spiral Mode: A Research on the Whole Process Evaluation Concept Promoting the Continuing Education Effectiveness. (China Educational Technology, covered by CSSCI, 2015)

    · A Research on Value-Assessment-Based Accurate Identification of Government and Corporate Customers of Telecom Operators. China Communications, covered by SCI, 2014

    · Identification of Telecom OperatorsCore Distribution Channels Based on Strategic Value Evaluation System. China Communications, covered by SCI, 2013

    · A Research on Education Informatization Channels Based on Value Evaluation System. (China Educational Technology, covered by CSSCI, 2013)

    · Lewin Behavior Model-Based Study on Influence Factors of Individuals to Mobile Service Demand. (China Communications, covered by SCI, 2012)

    · Two-dimensional Curriculum Design and Construction on Continuing Education. (China Educational Technology, covered by CSSCI, 2012)



    · Principal: Research on Educational Social Experiments with the use of AI (funded by MOE & China Mobile)

    · Subproject Principal: Research on New Chances and Challenges facing Education in 5G era (14th-Five-Year-Plan project put forward by MOE Department of Development Planning)

    · Involved in “Research on the Meaning, Standard and Assessment System of Students’ Information Literacy” (2020 national key subject on social science in the 13th Five-Year Plan)

    · Director: Research on Facilitating Sustainable Development on E-Learning (commissioned by TAL, Beijing)

    · Associate Director: Research on Knowledge Transmission and Learning Behaviors in E-Learning based on Value Cocreation. (funded by MOE & China Mobile)

    · Associate Director: Research on Consumers’ Preference, Mechanism of Selection and Development Strategy in Self-running and Co-running Online Shopping Malls (The National Social Science Fund of China)

    · Director: Research on E-Classes’ Building Pattern and Practice with School-Business Cooperation (school-level project on education reform)

    · Director: Research on the Relationship between E-Channel Assessment and Information Transmission Effect of Online Courses (school-level project on education reform)



    · technical seminar, Chongqing Engineering Research Center on Smart Education (2020.10)       

    · sub-forum 4 “Artificial Intelligence and Education” & sub-forum 9 “Smart Village and Intelligent Society”, Global Smart Conference (2020.08)

    · Global Education Summit (2019.11)

    · Mobile Learning Week, UNESCO (2019.03)



    · “Outstanding Individual on Talent Training”, Beijing Normal University (2019)

    · BNU 2018 talent training demonstration project”: Training for Primary and Secondary School Principals on Education Informatization in Three Districts and Three States (as project principal)

    · “Outstanding team on teachers’ code of morality”, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (2018)

    · Being included in“BUPT 2013 Outstanding Scholar Support Plan

    · “BUPT 2012 Outstanding Worker on Continuing Education”

    · Won the 1st prize on “The 15th National Multimedia Courseware Contest (host by Ministry of Education, PRC)”

    · Won the 2nd prize on “BUPT 2011 Teaching Demonstration Contest”