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    ZHANG Heyi Lecturer
    Institute of Early Childhood Education
    Address:Yingdong Building, Xinjiekouwai Street No.19, Haidian District, Beijing 100875

    Dr. Heyi Zhang is an early years specialist and developmental psychologist. She obtained her MPhil in Developmental Psychology and PhD in Education at the University of Cambridge. After working as a research assistant in Cambridge, she joined the Institute (Department) of Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Education at Beijing Normal University in 2018, teaching and supervising both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Her research interests are concerned with young children's development and learning in family and kindergarten settings, such as parenting and children’s psychological outcomes, children’s self-regulation and metacognition, children’s socio-emotional development, child play, etc.


    · PhD in Education

    Psychology and Education Research Group, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK

    · MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology

    Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge, UK

    · BA in Translation and Cultural Studies

    Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick, UK


    · Understanding Research Methods in Early Childhood Education

    Undergraduate Course, Beijing Normal University

    · Play in Early Childhood Education

    Undergraduate Course, Beijing Normal University

    · Child Psychological Development and Education

    Postgraduate Course, Beijing Normal University

    · Child Development

    Undergraduate Course, University of Cambridge


    Journal Articles

    · Xu, C., & Zhang, H. (Corresponding Author) (in press). Children’s metacognition and second language acquisition: A longitudinal study. Frontiers of Education in China.

    · 姜丽云,张和颐,洪秀敏,2~3岁幼儿社会适应的发展特点及影响因素研究(J),幼儿教育(教育科学),2020,11:25-30.

    · Pui, W. S. W., Zhang, H. (Corresponding Author), Ding, M., & Zhong, C. (2020). Developing children’s cultural identities through play. Beijing International Review of Education, 2(2), 244-257.

    · Zhang, H. (2020). Play in childhood: Introduction to the special issue. Beijing International Review of Education, 2(2), 176-181.

    · Zhang, H., & Whitebread, D. (2019). Examining Chinese kindergarten children’s psychological needs satisfaction in problem-solving situations: A Self-Determination Theory perspective. Instructional Science. 47(4), 373-398.

    · Zhang, H., & Whitebread, D. (2019). Identifying characteristics of parental autonomy support and control in parent–child interactions. Early Child Development and Care, 1-14.

    · Zhang, H., Song, J., & Hong, X. (2019). The relation between Chinese parents’ child-based worth and young children’s behavioral problems: a serial multiple mediator model. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, 27(6), 902-917.

    · Zhang, H. (2018). Relations of parent-child interaction to Chinese young children’s emotion understanding. Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology, 12, 1-9.

    · Zhang, H., & Whitebread, D. (2017). Linking parental scaffolding with self-regulated learning in Chinese kindergarten children. Learning and Instruction, 49, 121-130.

    · Xiao, F., Zheng, Z., Zhang, H., Xin, Zi., Chen, Y., & Li, Y. (2016).  Who are you more likely to help? The effects of expected outcomes and regulatory focus on prosocial performance. PLOS ONE, 11(11).


    Books and Translated Works

    · Zhang, H. & Zhang, M. (2016). Translated work of Janet Gonzalez-Mena and Dianne Widmeyer Eyer’s Infants, Toddlers, and Caregivers: A Curriculum of Respectful, Responsive Care and Education (8th ed.). The Commercial Press.


    · 2021-2023 Teacher-Child Interaction and Children’s Self-Regulated Learning, funded by Sunglory Educational Institute

    · 2021-2022 Picture Books in Early Years Settings, funded by Beijing Jin En Run Ze Techology Development Co., Ltd.

    · 2018-2020 Overparenting and Preschool Children’s Adaptation, funded by Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China


    · Associate Editor, Beijing International Review of Education (BIRE)

    · Reviewer, British Journal of Developmental Psychology; Frontiers of Education in China; Journal of Computer Assisted Learning; Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology; Parenting: Science and Practice