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    LI Beilei Lecturer
    Institute of Educational Psychology and School Counseling
    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
    Lecturer,Institute of Educational Psychology and School Counseling, 2007

    Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal University, Beijing
    Ph.D. in Developmental and Educational Psychology
    Advisor: Dong Qi
    Institute of Developmental Psychology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing
    M.A. in Developmental and Educational Psychology
    Advisor: Dong Qi
    Collegeofeducation, Beijing Normal University, Beijing,
    B.A. in Preschool Education

    Journal Articles
    1. PengPeng, Sun Congying, Li Beilei, Tao Sha. (2012).Phonological storage and executive function deficits in children with mathematics difficulties. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 112, 452-466.
    2. Ding Yao,Li Beilei. (2012).The role of English letters knowledge in children's English learning and the teaching advice. Foreign Language Teaching in School,6,1-4.
    3. Li Beilei. (2011). Implicit self-esteem and its implication for mental health education in primary and secondary schools. Mental Health Education in Primary and Secondary Schools, 173, 7-9.
    4. Li Beilei, Tao Sha, Dong Qi. (2011).The Roles of Phonological Awareness in English Word Reading and Spelling among Mandarin-speaking Children.Psychological Development and Education, 4,388-393.
    5. LiBei-lei, Zhou Ying, Li Yan-fang, Dong Qi.(2007).The Development of English Spelling in Chinese Elementary School Students from Third to Sixth Grade and Its Relationship with Orthographic Awareness.Psychological Development and Education,1,18-23.

    Book Chapters and Encyclopedia Articles
    1. Li Beilei,ZhouJing,Tao Sha. (2008). Children’s environmental print experience and its relation to their emergent reading development.In PengDanling& Chen Baoguo (Eds.). Chinese Children’s Language Development and Facilitation.Beijing: People’s Education Press.
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    School Readiness Facilitation Project in Preschoolers of Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Fund source:Special Funds From Beijing Government to Districts and Counties, 2009.9 - 2012.8
    Type: Research Report
    Principal Investigator:Li Beilei

    The Construction of English Learning Motivation Facilitation Model of Junior Middle School Studentsand Its Application
    Fund source: Science Foundation for Young Scholars of Education Faculty, BNU, 2009.9-2011.9
    Type: Research Report
    Principal Investigator:Li Beilei