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    DENG Linyuan Associate Professor
    Institute of Educational Psychology and School Counseling
    Research Area
    ? Family study and Family therapy
    ? Adolescent problematic behaviors such as internet addiction: Research and Practice

    ? 2004/9-2009/7, Developmental psychology, School of psychology, Beijing Normal University , PHD
    ? 2000/9-2004/7,Applied psychology , School of psychology, Beijing Normal University, Bachelor

    Job experience
    ? 2009/8-now, Institute of educational psychology and school counseling in Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University , Assistant Professor

    Research Projects
    1.The exploration of effective psychological intervention for adolescent internet overuse. Supported by Youth Foundation of Beijing Normal University, 2011/1-2012/12, PI
    2.The application of family-based group counseling in adolescent internet addiction therapy. Supported by Humanity and Social Science Youth foundation of Ministry of Education in China, 2011/1-2013/12, PI
    3. The effect of family group therapy in middle school student internet addiction.Supported by 'the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities', 2011/1-2013/12, PI

    Published articles
    1.Deng, L.Y., Zhang, J.T., Fang, X.Y., Liu, Q.X., Tang, H.Y., Lan, J.(2012). Perceived Parental Conflict and Adolescents’ Internet Addiction: the Mediating Effect of Adolesncents’ Conflict Appraisal and Emotional Management. Psychological Development and Education,5: 582~587.
    2.Deng, L.Y., Fang, X.Y., Wan, J.J., Zhang, J.T., Xia, C.C.( 2012).The Relationship of Psychological Needs and Need Gratification With InternetAddiction Among College Students.Psychological science, 35(1):123-128
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    Conference articles
    1.Deng LY, Fang XY, Liu Y. Cue-induced Smoking Craving and emotions of both smokers and non- Smokers. 1st Conference of Sino-Western Exchanges in Cognitive Neuroscience,Beijing: 2006.10.25 -10.28
    2.Deng LY, Fang XY, et al. Impairment of disgust processing in the brain implicated in second-hand smoking. FAMRI annual meeting, Miami : 2007.5.10-5.12
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    8.Deng LY, A review of group counseling for addicts. The fifth world congress of psychotherapy, 2008, 10.

    Translated books
    1.《Introduction to psychology》11th edition,Chinese Light Industry Press,2006.(Chapter 17:《psychotherapy》)
    2.《Clinical interview of children and adolescents》,Chinese Light Industry Press,2008.(Chapter 5:《Parent Interview》& Chapter 6《Teacher Interview》
    3.《Handbook of child psychology》,2009,(Chapter 10:《Risk and prevention》)

    Teaching courses
    1.Master course: , 2010, 2011,2012
    2.Master course: , 2010, 2011,2012
    3.Master course: , 2009,2010, 2011,2012
    4.Bachelor course:, 2010
    5.Bachelor course:,2012

    Directing master students
    Graduated:Wang Di, Guo Ying, Zuo Xiumin
    Grade Two: Wu Mingming, Zhang Xinyue, Kong Rong, Zhen Hui
    Grade One: Wu Yongxin, Qi Jie, Ma Bohui, Yan Jing