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    WANG Yehui Lecturer
    Institute of Educational Statistics and Measurement
    Ph.D. Education Measurement and Evaluation
    2008-2012 State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning,
    Beijing Normal University
    2009-2010 Measurement and Quantitative Method, College of Education,
    Michigan State University

    M.S.PsychologicalStatistics and Measurement
    2005-2008 School of Psychology,
    Beijing Normal University

    B.A. Educational Economy and Management
    2001-2005 College of Education
    Beijing Normal University

    2012- Assistant Professor of Institute of Educational Statistics and Measurement, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University

    Quantitative Method in Education;
    Curriculum Measurement and Evaluation;
    Value Added Assessment;
    Multidimensional Item Response Theory;
    Equating and Linking.

    Research Experiences
    2007-2012 Project Title: Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education (PROM/SE)
    Participated in the work of data collecting and mining, making international comparison of mathematics curriculum between China and US
    2007-2011 Project Title: The investigation of children and adolescents’ development in China
    Participated in the sub-project of the children and adolescents’ development in academic achievements
    2005-2006 Project Title: Research into creative talents and creative education
    Participated in the work of data analysis

    Journal Articles
    1. Examination of Mathematics Intended Curriculum for Elementary School in China from an International Perspective. US-China Education Review, 2012, 2: 150-162. 1stauthor.
    2. Comparative Study of Intended Curriculum in China from the Perspective of TIMSS. Curriculum, Teaching material and Method, 2012, 32(4): 92-97. 1st author. (in Chinese)
    【TIMSS视角下我国小学数学目标课程的比较研究. 课程教材教法. 2012, 32(4) : 92-97.第一作者】
    3. A Cross-culture Comparison of Mathematics Curriculum Implementation between China and US in Elementary School.Teacher Education Research, 2012, 24(1): 66-72. 1st author. (in Chinese)
    【中美小学数学教师课程实施的跨文化比较研究. 教师教育研究. 2012, 24(1): 66-72. 第一作者】
    4. Curriculum Measurement in the Context of Curriculum Reform: the Framework and Methods.Journal of Beijing Normal University (Social Sciences), 2010, 218(2) :5-10. 2nd author. (in Chinese)
    【新课程背景下的课程测量:框架与途径. 北京师范大学学报(社会科学版). 2010, 218(2) :5-10. 第二作者】
    5. An M-Rasch Approach to Domain Score Reporting: Solution to Bandwidth-fidelity Dilemma.Psychological Development and Education. 2012, 28(3):110-117. 4th author. (in Chinese)
    【多维Rasch模型在维度分数报告中的应用—对带宽-保真度困境的解决. 心理发展与教育. 2012, 28(3):110-117. 第四作者】
    6. Vertical Scaling: the Development and Application.Psychological Exploration, 2011, 31(5):472-476. 1st author. (in Chinese)
    【垂直等值的应用及最新发展述评. 心理学探新, 2011, 31(5):472-476. 第一作者】
    7. Construction of Achievement Growth Scale: the Application of Vertical Scaling.China Examinations, 2010, 222(10): 7-12. 1st author. (in Chinese)
    【构建学业发展性量表——垂直等值的应用. 中国考试, 2010, 222(10): 7-12.第一作者】
    8. Development of Creativity: the Evidence from Chinese Adolescents. Psychological Science, 2009 32(3): 535-539. 2nd author. (in Chinese)
    【青少年创造力的发展研究. 心理科学, 2009, 32(3): 535-539. 第二作者】
    1. Study on Shaping of the Opportunity to Learn in China During Curriculum Delivery. Annual Meeting of American Educational Research Association AERA 2012, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.1stauthor.
    2. A Comparative Study of the Principals’ Roles and their Relationship to the Implemented and Attained Curriculum. AERA 2012, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.2nd author.
    3. Role of Basic Skills Teaching and Learning Mathematics: A Comparison of China and the U.S. Annual Meeting of American Educational Research Association, AERA 2011, New Orleans, Louisiana. Coauthor
    4. Development of Standardized Chinese Achievement Test for Junior High School Students. The 7th Conference of the International Test Commission, 2010. Hong Kong. 1st author.
    5. The Study of the Curriculum Measurement and its Interrelationship. The 74th Annual and the 16th International Meeting of the Psychometric Society, IMPS2009, St John’s College, Cambridge, England. 1st author.
    6. Development of Standardized Chinese Achievement Test for Junior High School Students. IMPS 2009, St John’s College, Cambridge, England. 1st author

    1. Introduction to the Psychology for Middle School. (Mental health textbook). Science Press, 2007. Editor of the textbook in 7th grade.
    【《中学生心理导向》科学出版社,2007年1月. 常务编委】

    Scholarship from the China Scholarship Council (CSC) to study at Michigan State University as a joint training PhD student