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    ZHANG Lili Associate Professor
    Institute of Education Theories
    Current Status
    l  Deputy Director, The Research Center For Minority Education and Multi-cultural Studies
    l  Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University
    l  Member of the foreign Affair Committee in Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University
    l  Member of the Teaching Supervisory Committee in Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University
    • June 1996- June 2001: Dept. of Education, The University of Hong Kong, PhD. 
    • Sep. 1985- July 1987: Dept. of Education, Beijing Normal University, Master of Education
    • Sep. 1981 - July 1985:  Dept. of Physics, Beijing Normal University, B. Sc.
    • 1987 - now:  Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University. 
    • 1998-1999:  Dept. of Education, The University of Hong Kong, Part-time Demonstrator
    Teaching experiences
    • Teaching courses of the Sociology of Gender and Chinese Culture in Penn State Erie, The Behrend College as a Fulbright Scholar
    • Co-teaching the course of Women Leadership in New Mexico State University, 2008
    • Co-teaching the course of Feminist Research Methods for the first MA program of Women Studies in China initiated by University of Michigan, CUHK and China, 2004
    • Teaching the general course of Education, Psychology and Gender studies for students in different departments of BNU.
    • Teaching Research Methods in Education, Survey Method and Professional English for graduate students
    • Teaching Research Methods in education, Educational Statistics and Higher Education Management for undergraduates
    Oversea experiences
    • August 2011-May 2012, Teaching courses in Penn State Erie as a Fulbright Scholar
    • January -April 2008, visiting scholar in New Mexico State University
    • September 2001 - January 2002, visiting scholar in the Center of Women Studies, the University of Michigan, supported by the Ford Foundation
    • February - March 2004, visiting scholar in the University of Manchester
    • Attending conferences in US, Korea, Japan, India, Singapore and Taiwan, China.
    Areas of Interest
    Women studies, Multi-cultural studies of education
    Publications in English
    • Zhang Lili 2010). A Study on the Measurement of Job-Related Stress among Women Academics in Research Universities of China.  Beijing: Frontiers of Education in China2. (in English)
    • Zhang Lili (2005). Career experience of women academics in research universities of China.  In Zhang Lixi., & Zheng Xingrong (Eds.). Women Studies in China: Mapping the Social, Economic and Policy Changes. Seoul: Ewha Women’s University Press.
    • Zhang, L. F., Huang, J. F., & Zhang L. L. (2005). Preferences in teaching styles among Hong Kong and U.S. university students. Personality and Individual Differences, 6. (in English)
    • Zhang Lili (2003). Gender related problems in the language teaching of secondary school. Chinese Education and Society, 9. (in English)
    Publication in Chinese
    • Zhang Lili 2013). Respecting Differences and Diversities of Students:The Path of Multi-cultural Educational Practice.  Beijing: Journal of Educational Science of Hunan Normal University2013 (5)
    • Zhang Lili 2013). A Case Study of the Women Leadership Action Research in South Western Minority Areas of China. Journal of Hebei Normal University (Educational Science Edition), 1.
    • Zhang Lili, Zheng Xinrong., & Guo Xin2013). Women Leadership Action Research: The Path and Practice of Localization.Beijing, China Agricultural University Journal of Social Sciences, 3.
    • Zhang Lili 2012). Promoting Equity through Cross-cultural Study of Education: Experiences of a Research Center in China. Beijing: The Chinese Teacger,1.
    • Zhang Lili 2011). A study on the strategy of Promoting women leadership in minority areas of West China.Taiyuan: Journal of Shanxi Normal University( Social Science Edition), 7
    • Zhang Lili 2011). A Study on the dilemma encountered in professional earning among female university students in science and technology. Beijing: Tsinghua Journal of Education, 3.
    • Zhang Lili 2010). An analysis of participation in school-based research and study of ethnic Minority Teachers in Western Regions.  Beijing: Journal of Research on Education for Ethnic Minorities. 3.
    • Zhang Lili 2010).  Learning situations of Chinese Citizen. In Gu Mingyuan & Shi Zhongying (Eds.).  Live and Learn: Constructing a Learning Society.  Beijing Normal University Press.
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    • Zhang Lili2009).  Opportunities and Challenges for Women’s Participation in Science and Technology of China.  Beijing: Chinese Environment Press.
    • Zhang Lili 2008). Women in the Ivory Tower: Moving on with difficulties. Beijing: Journal of China Women's University, 1.
    • Sun Zhongxing., & Zhang Lili2007). (Eds.) (Translation)  Feminist Research Methods.  Shang Hai: Fudan University Press.
    • Zhang Lili. (2006).A Case about Teachers Training in Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in the University of Michigan. Chang Sha: University Education Science, 1.
    • Zhang Lili. (2006). Searching for the effective training model for adolescent girls: the project review of ACWF and DFID Partnership program.  Beijing: Chinese Women’s movement, 1.
    • Zhang Lili (2004).  Teacher’s difficulties during educational reform of China.  In Zhang Lili2009).  Opportunities and Challenges for Women’s Participation in Science and Technology of China.  Beijing: Chinese Environment Press.
    •  Teacher and teacher education in China. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press.
    • Zhang Lili (2003). Job-related stressors among female academics in research university of China. Beijing: Tsinghua Journal of Education, 4.
    • Zhang Lili (2003). An Effective Practice of Qualitative Assessment: Using Portfolio Assessment to Promote the Development Function of Student Assessment.  Beijing: Comparative Education Review, 1.
    • Zhang Lili (2002). Assessment on the first class university: Enlightments from the U.S Experience. Beijing: China Higher Education, 9. 44-47
    • Lu Muzhi, Zhang Lili., & Zhao Dadi (2001).  New curriculum and evaluation reform.  Beijing, Beijing Normal University Press.
    • Zhang Lili (2001).  An introduction of research trends of women and higher education in western countries.  In Shi Jinhuan (Ed.).  Women and higher education in western countries.  Liaoning Publications.
    • Zhang Lili (2001).  Educational assessment and evaluation.  Research methods in education. In Huang Ji (Ed.). The teaching material of educational pedagogy for normal schools.  People's Educational Press.
    International project experiences
    Project title
    Life skill training for young migrant women
    UNICEF and China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)
    Project leader
    Baseline Survey on Unmarried Female Migrant Workers’ Demands of Non-formal Education
    Project leader
    Baseline survey
    Mid-term Evaluation and the Final Evaluation of Non-formal Education Project
    Project leader
    Project Evaluation
    Standards of Inclusiveness and equality
     In Chinese child-friendly school
    Project leader
    Designing indicators
    Evaluation of Red Phoenix Project (that subsidizes female students from poor families to higher education) 
    Ford Foundation
    Project leader
    Project evaluation
    Case study of school based training and learning
    Project leader
    Baseline survey
    Skill training for dropout students in rural areas
    Xiao Ping Foundation of HK
    Project leader
    Evaluation of Beijing rural women’s school
    Ford Foundation
    Project leader
    Project evaluation
    Video about Educational equity in the context of globalization
    Project leader
    Making videos
    Teacher training of child friendly schools
    Gender, Science and Technology Database for Southeast Asia and the Pacific Web Site
    Project leader
    Gender analysis of textbooks in primary and secondary schools of China
    Ford Foundation
    Sub-project leader
    The development of gender sensitive indicators for Chinese education
    Project participant
    Developing indicators
    South-west Basic Education
    Training of educational equity and women leadership
    Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of The Development Outline for Chinese Women and Children
    UNCEF and The National Working Committee on Children and Women (NWCCW)'s office
    Partnership in Advocacy and Skill Training for Poor Adolescent Girls
    DFID and All China Women’s Federation (ACWF)
    Research and  training
    British Ganshu Educational Project
    Other Research projects
    • 2006-2009: The learning situations of Chinese citizen. Founded by the State Education Commission.
    • 2005-2006: The TV and movie watching experiences of primary school students.  Founded by Beijing Educational Research Planning Office.
    • 2007-now: The effects of TV watching on the moral development of middle school students. Founded by Beijing Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science.  
    • Nomination of best PhD thesis in HKU, 2001.
    • Sun Hung Kai Properties Scholarship for postgraduate students in 1997-98, The University of HK
    • Excellent student, 1982, 1983, 1985, Beijing Normal University