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    LI Xiangping Associate Professor
    Institute of Higher Education
    2003-06:PH.D. in Educaton at Peking University
    2001-03:M.A. in Educaton at Peking University
    1995-99:B.A. in Educaton at East China Normal University

    Working Experiences
    2006-present: Lecturer on Education, Faculty of Education,Beijing Normal University
    1999-2000: Teacher of English at Xiangming High School, Shanghai

    Research and teaching interests

    Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education
    Economics of Higher Education

    Selected publications

    Return of On-the-job Training Investment [M] , Peking University Press, Beijing, 2010.

    Journal articles
    . An Empirical Analysis of School Choice and Equity of Compulsory Educational Opportunity in China’s 18 Cities[J].Educational Research (CSSCI),No.3, 2008,67-72.
    . An Empirical Analysis of Segmentation in China’s Academic Labor Market[J], Fudan Education Forum (CSSCI) , No. 2,2010, 36-42.
    . Analysis and Comparison of Learning Assessment Instruments in American Higher Education[J], Modern University Education (CSSCI) , No.1,2012,30-35.
    . American University Student Residential Management: History, Values and Tendency [J], China Higher Education (CSSCI) , No.1,2012, 61-62.
    . A Literature Review of Research on School Choice in America [J], Comparative Education Review (CSSCI), No.10, 2008,31-34.
    .The Effect of On-The-Job Training on Employees’ Earnings Growth and Occupational Development in Private Sector [J], Peking University Education Review (CSSCI), No.1, 2007,150-160.
    . An Analysis of Employees’ Return of On-The-Job Training Investment in Private Sector [J], Education & Economy (CSSCI), No.4, 2006,26-31.
    . A Comprehensive Understanding of Economic Value of Human Capital[J],Economic Survey(CSSCI), No.4, 2008,5-7.
    . An Analysis of the Determinants of Employees’ Participation in On-the-job Training in Private Sector [J],Chinese Vocational and Technical Education,No.33, 2011,5-13.

    Selected Research Projects
    . An Empirical Analysis of the Participation and Return of On-the-job Training Investment in Private Sector, Beijing, China
    Fund source: Beijing City Board of Education Science Planning Office, July,2010- July ,2012
    Type: Research Report & Journal articles
    Principal Investigator: LI Xiangping

    . An Empirical Study in the Effect of Undergraduates’ Participation in Research Competition on Student Development in China’s Higher Education, Beijing, China
    Fund source: Beijing Normal University, April,2012- April,2013
    Type: Research Report
    Principal Investigator: LI Xiangping

    Selected Foreign Exchanges & Presentations
    . Visiting Scholar, East-West Centre, USA, July-August,2010
    . International Seminar between Beijing Normal University and People to People Group from USA, Beijing, China, October,2010
    China’s Higher Education: Scale, Issues and Trends: From the Perspective of Student Development (Presentation)
    . International Seminar, Korea University, Seoul, Korea, October, 2009
    China’s Tradition of Moral Education (Presentation)