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    ZHAO Zhiqun Professor
    Institute of Vocational and Adult Education
    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
    2006 - present
    . Professor, head of the Institute of Vocational and Adult Education

    Central Institute of Vocational and Technical Education (CIVTE), Ministry of Education 1991- 2006
    . Head of the Division of TVET Teacher Training and International Cooperation

    Institute of Technology and Education, University of Bremen, Germany
    1997 - 2001, Dr. phil.

    Institute of German Study, Tongji University, Shanghai, PR China
    1989 - 1991, Postgraduate diploma

    Institute of Environment Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, PR China
    1984 – 1989, Bachelor of engineering

    Vocational didactic, vocational discipline, Qualification research and curriculum design in TVET, TVET Teacher education and training, international vocational education and training

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    - Large-scale diagnostic of occupation competence development (COMET)
    - Development and implementation of Work-Learning-Integrated Curricula in higher vocational education (MoHRSS), responsible;
    - Research on the building of basic capacity and system in VET (MoE), responsible;
    - Research on theory and standards of integrated curriculum in Skilled Worker institutions, responsible;
    - Research of Development of technicians in modern industry (MoHRSS), responsible;
    - Innovation by University Vocational Training – Curriculum Development for Competence Promoting in the Building Automation (EU Asia-Link programme);
    - Analysis of the methodology of qualification research in industry countries (MoHRSS), responsible;
    - Design and Implementation of a Curriculum on Curriculum Development (EU Asia-Link programme);
    - Theory and Practice about the Certificate Transfer Between School Education and Vocational Training (MoE);
    - Learning System about the Best Practice from TVET Institutions (MoE), responsible;
    - The Development of Manufacturing Industry and Vocational Education in China (MoE)

    - Member of the board of the International network of Innovative Apprenticeship (INAP)
    - Board member of the Asian Academic Society for Vocational Education and Training (AASVET)
    - Member of the Council of the Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education
    - Member of the Academy Committee of the Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education
    - Chairman of the Association of Teaching-Learning-Process Research, Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education
    - Member of Expert Committee of the Ministry of Human Resource Social Security (MoHRSS)