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    HE Zhen Professor
    Institute of Vocational and Adult Education
    Address:No. 19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Beijing Normal University



     Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China.2006-present

    ·Professor, Institute of Vocational and Adult Education, Faculty of Education, 2013

    ·Vice Director, Institute of Vocational and Adult Education, Faculty of Education, 2009-2014

    ·ViceDirector, National Institute of Vocational Education, 2011



    Education College, Beijing Normal University, Beijing.2001-2004

    · Ph.D. in Education History (2004)

    Beijing Normal University, Beijing.2004-2006

    ·Post-doctoral Studies

    College of Education and Human Ecology, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA. 2015-2016

    ·Visiting scholar at The Workforce Development and Education section, Department of Educational Studies




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    Books and Translated Worksin Chinese

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    FULL CV: HE Zhen_CV 20160330.pdf