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    QIAN Zhiliang Associate Professor
    Institute of Special Education
    Research area:
    Blind education, early childhood education

    Education Background:
    B.A., Special Education, BNU, 1986
    Visiting Scholar, Department of Psychology, Hanzhou University, Northeast Normal Univ.,
    Visiting Scholar, Education School in Boston University, Perkins School for the Blind
    M.A., Special Education, BNU, 1995
    Ph.D., School of Education

    First-authors in 16 books: Counseling for children’s Physical Problems; Counseling for children’s psychological problems, Counseling for children’s Academic performance, Counseling and Education for Exceptional Children; Children's Maturity for Schooling; Counseling for Students’ Performance, Manual for Promoting Children’s Maturity for Schooling; Science and Technology for Walking Orientation for the Blind, Psychology and Education for the Blind Children, Rehabilitation for the Blind, How to help the Blind, Curriculum and Teaching in the School for the Blind, Family Education for Exceptional Children.
    Key Editor: How to avoid disruptions in the classrooms, how to be careful in the exams, how to not be delayed in homework writing
    Chapters in 12 books: Introduction to Special Education, Special Education Research, Public Education, Research Report for children and youth’s body injuries in current China et al.,

    National Curriculum Development and Experimental Study for the school for the blind
    National Curriculum Standards for the school for the blind
    Readiness capacity and adaptation for children entering schools