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    GU Dingqian Professor
    Institute of Special Education
    Vice-Dean, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, 2009-present
    Director, National Research Center for Sign Language and Braille, 2010-present
    Master Program Advisor 1997- present

    M.A. Educational Administration, Beijing Normal University 1999
    Visiting Scholar, Ohio University & Ohio School for the Deaf, U.S,1994-1995
    B.A., Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Teacher’s College, 1982
    Teacher of Beijing School No.3 for the Deaf 1970-1978
    Associate Professor, Department of Special Educational Administration , School of Education ,Beijing Normal University 1996—Faculty
    Professor,Department of Special Educational Administration, Faculty of Education ,Beijing Normal University 2012—

    Introduction of Special Education, 1983-2010
    Sign Language 1989—present
    Education for Children with Hearing Impairments, 1988—present
    Teaching and Curriculum in Deaf schools, 2010—present

    Education for Children with Hearing Impairments
    Sign Language Studies

    1. Introduction of Special Education, Liaoning Normal University Press, 2001
    2. Dictionary of Special Education ( revised edition) Huaxia Press, 2006
    3. Common Sign Languages for Beijing 2008’ Olympics and Paralympics, Huaxia Press, 2008
    4. Documents of Chinese Special Education History, Beijing Normal University Press, 2010
    5. Curriculum and Teaching in Deaf Schools, Beijing Normal University Press, 2011

    1. Special Education Teacher‘s Qualification Certificate in America and the enlightenment to us Studies in Foreign Education, No. 4, 1999
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    7. Development of Special Education in China Review Teacher’s Journal,No.7, 2009
    8. Five form of Teaching system for children with special needs in compulsory education,Modern Special Education,No.10,2009

    SELECTED RESEARCH PROJECTS ( in the last three years )
    Key Project in Ministry of Education: Research on reform and development of special education teacher education to the 21st century
    National Human Science Project, History of Special Education in China
    National Language Ministry and China Association of the Disabled, National General Sign Language Research
    Beijing Government, Special Education Needs for the persons with disabilities in Beijing in new era