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    LI Xiaowei Assistant Professor
    Institute of Early Childhood Education
    Address:19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian, Beijing 100875, P.R.China



    Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley, U.S. 2009-2010, Joint Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology


    School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing. 2006-2011, Ph.D. in Development and Educational Psychology


    School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing. 2002-2006, B. S. in Applied Psychology



    National Social Science Foundation (China): Parents-Grandparents Co-parenting in Urban China and its Relationship with Children's Adjustment. 2015-2018.


    Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base of Ministry of Education (China): Protective and risk factors of school readiness for preschool children. 2012-2015


    Department of Teacher Work of Ministry of Education: Preschool teacher establishment standard. Principal Investigator: Prof. Liu Yan, 2012



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    FULL CV: LIXiaowei_CV20160229.pdf